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Government bureaucrats prevent average man from building retirement home


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Jul 30, 2013
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Why we do we continually let random government workers from obscure government offices abuse everyday citizens? Taxpayers are constantly funding workers for pointless government offices. This guy Bert Wasch just wanted to build a RETIREMENT HOME. Crazy, right? But nope. Some moron in Thurston County leadership (WA state) has created endless hoops for him to jump through, that he HAS, and it's been 5 years and he hasn't even started building his home yet. This is close to where I live, makes me wonder what I can and can't do with MY property. This video sums it up nicely and is short. Worth a watch. (Granted the music is a pain.)

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It is a little misleading. He wants to build a residential house to live in now that he is retired, not build a retirement home in the commercial sense. I am not a huge fan of zoning other than reasonable setbacks to avoid assholes who want to build their house right on the property line and then overhang their roofs or gutters or whatever on adjoining property. Once in a blue moon there will be a case in my area where someone does something like that against a rear property line and then tries to sue to force someone to sell them property to fix their own mistakes.

It has become a mess in my area too. The city in all its wisdom adopted a new zoning system that puts most residential property and just about all commercial property into non-compliance. While they are grandfathered in, anything you do additionally usually require you get zoning AND city council approval for. It is one of those ways to micromanage people's property and generate a bunch of additional fees. My lot is fine because we have multiple lots on the road front, but most of the houses on my street could never be rebuilt if they burned without obtaining a variance because of the new setback requirements when the lots were originally shaped to comply with prior requirements.

Then there are added things like I would need a permit if I wanted to re-grade party of my property which would cost time, money and give them a reason to come snooping around endlessly hoping to catch another violation. A lady a few blocks from me got cited because she put up two posts with a decorative roof and some wires to hold up grapevines without a permit because it was both a structure because of the roof and was built too high to count as a fence.
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