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Good News for Bush-Us


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Nov 14, 2004
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It appears we may be turning the corner on the economy-


Index of Leading Economic Indicators (news - web sites), a widely watched gauge of future economic activity, rose in November, reversing a five month trend, a private research group reported Monday.

Economists said the report shows that the nation's economy is still growing, even though the pace is slowing and will continue to do so into mid-2005.

The Conference Board (news - web sites)'s index rose 0.2 percent in November — slightly better than economists had been expecting — following revised declines of 0.4 percent in October and 0.2 percent in September. The indicator, which is intended to predict economic activity over the next three to six months, now stands at 115.2 versus its all-time high of 116.5 in May.

Six of the ten indicators that make up the index climbed in November, including stock prices, consumer expectations and manufacturers' new orders for consumer goods and materials. Declining indicators included vendor performance, average weekly manufacturing hours and building permits.

Let's all hope this is a sign of things to come.
I was talking with my wife the other day and said - if the US decided to stop giving presents out for Christmas (or whatever holiday follow's). The global economy would go to hell in a handbasket.

History has shown us that the economy grows every November.
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