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God has saved me

I will whisk her away towards Paradise
I will be her white knight to carry her towards the destinies of glory.

I will take her away from all the pain and suffering
Never again will she toil in the harsh fields of labor.

I will show her true love
I will erase her longing sorrow
And drench her thirst with the water of true life.

I will fly her high into the sky of grand Heaven,
I will be her angel wings,
Her guiding hand that will never let go.

God's love for me is my love for her
Pure as white, patient as father, and true as the stars.

He has saved me
And I will save you
No one will be left behind, this, I solemnly swear.

God, I ask of thee
Grant me thy divine powers, thy supreme love, thy almighty wisdom
Grant me thyself, give me all of thee
Hold none back.

And may this world know thy true Name.

Bob N

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Nov 17, 2012
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