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Germany: "It's the Economy, Stupid!"

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Jun 9, 2010
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Berlin, Germany
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The headline is from a sub-paragraph of the article. Please blame me for all translation mistakes.

The following excerpt is from a recent poll by the Institute Infratest Dimap for German public broadcaster ARD. According to it, the current center-right government of Merkel's Christian Democrats and libertarian Free Democrats has good prospects of being reelected in the upcoming federal election in late September.

[h=4]"It's the economy, stupid!"[/h] (...) 66% of the interviewed people consider Germany's current economic condition "good" or "very good", which is a decent number. When asked about the own economic situation, it even becomes more positive. 76% say their own economic situation is "good" or "very good". This is a historical poll result which had only been reached once, in January 1998. (...)

Warum Schwarz-Gelb so gut abschneidet | tagesschau.de

Germans feel their own economic situation is the best in 15 years. Unemployment has fallen to the lowest level since 1992 or so. And Chancellor Angela Merkel is still the most popular politician: 56% say they want her leading the next government too. Apparently, that's why people forgive Merkel her bad standing in the PRISM/NSA surveillance scandal and the bad image of her family policies.

It's the economy, stupid? Apparently, it is -- we'll know for sure in September.
elections generally are about the economy.
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