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Q. Why do I always get these emails? I visit often and do not need them.
A. This is the default. To change your default setup go to USER CP>EDIT Options > Default thread subscription mode. Change it to Do not subscribe.
(you can turn this on/off everytime you post if you wish - it's under the posting area when you click post or reply)

Q. How do I get those elephants, tourches, donkeys etc... under my name?
A. USER CP > Group Memberships. Join the group you wish to display as.

Q. How do I change my title?
A. After 500 posts this will become available. Or, if you wish you may help our site with a donation it becomes available immediately.

Q. What does the DP Veteran mean? Does this indicate military service?
A. It means that the user has been here 365 days and has over 1000 posts.

Q. How do I become a moderator/dungeon master/bartender?
A. Send a mod a PM and let them know your interest. The current moderators will review it and I will get back with you. No worries if you have current infractions or warnings - we realize that everyone is not perfect and we all slip. There are currently no openings.

Q. Why should I donate to Debate Politics?
A. DebatePolitics.com costs money to maintain a hosting server and software (vBulletin currently gives us the best "bang for our buck"). We ask for those who can to willingly donate to help cover those costs.

Q. How do I donate to DP and how can I do so?
A. You can donate to DP via several means. For credit card or debit card donations, you can do so via Paypal. A Paypal account is not required in order to do this. The link on the donation options is here - http://www.debatepolitics.com/payments.php
To donate by a check or money order, you can send a PM to an administrator for the address.

Q. What are the different 'perks' between a Silver, Gold, Platinum and Monthly Donation?
A. Those who donate receive additional storage space for Private Message (PM) storage, larger avatar pic and signature pic file sizes (in bytes, not pixels), the ability to use animated avatars, more characters in signatures, more album picture storage as well as access to 'The Loft'. 'The Loft' is a private debate forum where civility is held to a higher standard.
- The breakdown of what level gives you what is listed below:

FeatureMemberSilver MemberGold MemberMonthly DonatorPlatinum Member
PM Storage552505007501000
Avatar Pic Size20 kb30 kb50 kb75 kb102 kb
Sig Pic Size20 kb30 kb50 kb75 kb102 kb
Animated AvatarsNoNoYesYesYes
Sig Characters5001000100010001000
Album Storage100200250275300
The Loft AccessViewPostPostPostPost

Q. Why, after a DP software update, is DP doing strange things?
A. It is always a good idea to keep your browser updated to the most current version. As forum software gets updated, browsers need updated to allow the forum software to appear and work correctly.

Q. Does DP have a chatroom?
A. Why yes we do. You can find the link to it at the top of your screen next to the Forum Rules link.

Q. Why isn't there a "Dislike" link for each post?
A. This can get nasty if this were the case. We've been involved with other forums who have a "Like/Dislike" or a reputation system, and it always ends up bad. You can like a post you like, agree with, is a good post (even if you don't agree) or if it makes you laugh. Or, you can not "like" a post. Bottom line, there won't be a "Dislike" system here at DP.

Q. How long do infractions/warnings count against me?
A. This is explained in detail here - http://www.debatepolitics.com/forum-rules/96319-moderator-actions-page.html

Q. What is 'Invisible mode' and can I use it?
A. 'Invisible mode' allows you to "hide" your presence when viewing the site. The light next to your name will show as "red" as if you're offline even when you're here. This option is only available to those who donate to DP (a perk).

Q. What is Tapatalk?
A. Tapatalk is a 3rd party app that allows you to view the forum from a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) in a clean and well organized way. Some like it, some do not. It is available in the Google Play store, the Amazon app store (for Android) and the Windows Phone store. Sorry iPhone users, this app is not available in the iTunes store.

Q. What is the easiest way to post images?
A. The image posting feature in vBulletin can be a bit confusing. The simplest way to post an image is to use a 3rd party site (like ImageShack, imgur, Photo Bucket, etc...) and link to that picture. If you're linking to a picture that is online, you can link directly to that pic, but for posting pics from your computer, using a hosting site is far easier for most).

Q. How can I view my active threads?
A. There are two ways. If you subscribe to threads you post in, you can view those threads that receive responses from your UserCP page. From here you can also see who quoted you, latest infractions received and view your PM folders. Another way is to click on the 'Participated' tab at the top of the page. This will show you all threads that you have participated in. They will be "bold" if there has been a response.

Q. What is the Tavern and how do I gain access?
A. The Tavern is a casual sub-forum for our members who want to shoot the bull, offer a toast or two or just talk about life. It's not a forum for political or other argumentative discussion topics, just for relaxing and kicking your shoes off. To join go to your own profile page and look at the left side down near the bottom of the page. You will see 'Public Usergroups/ Join Groups' and 'The Wanderers'. Click on 'The Wanderers', and after the Bartenders "check you out" you should be able to gain access to the Tavern. Remember, we play nice in the Tavern.

Q. What does the [W:123] in the thread title mean?
A. When a moderator places an in-thread warning in a thread, they will typically note the title of the thread with the number of the post in that thread where the warning is posted. This lets everyone know that the moderators have taken a look at the thread and have made a note for everyone to see. There are several reasons why a moderator may place an in-thread warning and nearly every reason has to do with a violation of the rules or uncivil debate has been taking place.

Q. How do I...
A. Click on the FAQ link, your question may already have been answered.

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