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Fraud And Disability Equal A Multibillion Dollar Black Hole For Taxpayers


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Nov 10, 2012
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A parasite has insidiously invaded the body of America. It has fed and grown large on nutrients from government handouts and now is enervating its host, our capitalist system.

Since our president entered the White House in January 2009 through September of this year 5.9 million people have been added to the SSDI or Social Security Disability program. That compares with less than 2.5 million jobs created during the same period. According to Social Security Administration data, currently including spouses and children, SSDI rolls have swollen to a bloated 10.9 million. A record one in fourteen workers is now on the SSDI dole. It’s like checking in a hotel and never leaving. Of the 653,877 souls that departed the program in 2011, 36% departed by being gracious enough to die, while 52% reached retirement age and seamlessly switched to other benefits. Only 6% returned to work and 3.6% exited the program due to medical improvement. According to Congressional Research Services this program cost taxpayers $128.9 billion in 2011 and was in deficit to the tune of $25.3 billion. Funded by the 1.8% payroll tax and comprising nearly 18% of all social security spending, at current pace the trust fund may be exhausted by as early as 2015.

Fraud And Disability Equal A Multibillion Dollar Black Hole For Taxpayers - Forbes
The problem is not the objection. Nobody is a fan of fraudulent disability. The secret is to distinguish between the majority who are actually disabled and the minority that catches a free ride by either deception or by the loose rules that say if you are a lazy bum, that's a disability.

I've posted before about my cat ladies who can't get disability even though she is clearly and obviously disabled.

We should, but don't, crack down on the fakes and raise up the suffering. This baffles me. Maybe if they tried harder, we wouldn't have to listen to these (incorrect) accusations that imply everybody is a fraud. No President or political party has ever taken this topic up because I suppose there are political ramifications. Clinton took a small stab at it but Bush and Obama have looked the other way.

Specklebang For President 2013. A helping hand to those who need and have tried their best and a sharp kick in the balls to the liars that spoil the whole barrel.

Calling sick people parasites. This is what conservatives do, people.
Calling sick people parasites. This is what conservatives do, people.

Another fine example of the low information crowd's inability to discern analogies. We now return you to your regularly scheduled duties.....your mileage may vary.
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