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First Man: Review.


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Aug 26, 2007
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San Antonio Texas
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As some might recall, I refused to see it in the theaters, out of conscious objection to certain political motivations ascribed by the director and some cast members. I did however still desire to see the movie as a fan of history, space movies (The Right Stuff) I wanted too. So I got in on Amazon, and watched it today.

The special effects, are quite good. I really enjoyed that feel they gave the film, and it was a joy to watch.

I understand the Movie is about Armstrong and what made him tick. I think it followed him a little too much, maybe I am biased as the ensemble approach The Right Stuff took was more to my liking. That being said, it was a great insight into a man who did the unthinkable, the incredible. I was fine, knowing Space History like I do, and didn't lose it during the first two major tragic moments of the film, but the last 5 min I was bawling. That really hit me.

I will watch this again, sometime. Maybe do a marathon, Right Stuff then First man.

Overall, a good flick.
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