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Firefighter Administers Aid To Woman He Helped Deliver


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Source: NBC4.TV

LOS ANGELES -- In his 25-year career with the Long Beach Fire Department, Capt. Allen O'Neil has helped deliver at least 15 babies, but there was always one who stood out.

O'Neil talked to NBC4's Kim Baldonado about the day 20 years ago when he was a rookie firefighter and helped a young mother deliver her baby in the back of an ambulance.

"Literally it just went poof, it flew out and I caught it and I thought, 'I don't want to drop it,'" O'Neil told NBC4's Kim Baldonado.

O'Neil said the young mother was so happy she told him she was going to name the baby after him.

O'Neil said, "Honey it's a girl," and she replied, "Well, I'm going to name her Sparkle."

Fast-forward 20 years.

An apartment building in Long Beach was burning.

The young woman who lived next door to the burning apartment suffered from smoke inhalation, and received treatment from none other than Captain O'Neil.

Captain O'Neil had no idea who the young woman was, until he started filling out his report.

O'’Neil asked the young woman her name and she said, "Sparkle."

Sparkle Johnson told NBC4, "Before I could say Sparkle and finish my last name, he was like 'When is your birthday?'"

O'Neil said, "My first thought was I've heard that name before and then it clicked."

Johnson said, “Before I could finish that, he was like, 'Your birthday is September 15th, 1984.'"

When O'Neil told Johnson he delivered her 20 years ago, he said her eyes got big and she started to tear up a little bit.

According to Baldonado, Johnson believes it was fate that brought Captain O'Neil to her this time, and that it was divine intervention that brought him to her mother 20 years ago.

Baldonado added that Johnson is now five months pregnant and has every intention of delivering in a hospital, but if there is an emergency, she hopes it's O'Neil who gets the call.
Found this durning my morning news read. Interesting story to 'spark' off the day....
Yeah... this made the round on the morning news shows the other day... It truely is a small world...
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