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FEMA building camps to house millions - Ken Adachi


Jul 6, 2013
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Rex 84, or Readiness Exercise 1984, was a secretive scenario and drill developed by the US federal government to suspend the US Constitution, declare martial law and place military commanders in charge of state and local governments and detain large numbers of American citizens who are deemed to be a national security threat in the event the President declares a state of domestic national emergency.

The plan, Rex 84 states that events that might cause such a declaration might be widespread US opposition, for example to a US military invasion abroad, such as if the US were to directly invade Central America, to combat what the government perceived as “subversive activities.”
The plan also authorized the military to direct ordered movements of civilian populations at state and regional levels. Such a plan would call for the building of large facilities to house those dissidents.
In a course of such an event, the responsibility for the detaining and housing US citizens would come under the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Information which has appeared on the Internet has shown that FEMA is building detention facilities all over the US. There are claims on the Internet and in alternative media that over 800 such facilities have been built. However the US government continues to deny the existence of such locations.
Listen or read the transcript of the radio address.
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Although there are such plans in place and the activation of those plans is imminent I wouldn't worry too much. From a historical perspective the way these things usually work out is that after a little while the detainees are provided federal subsidies with which they build casinos and sell cigarettes tax free.
LoLz...it sources a truther website for it's "information". It is stupid **** for the gullible.
LoLz...it sources a truther website for it's "information". It is stupid **** for the gullible.

* Laughs * For suspicious of course - Fox News.
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Ground control to major Tom. Take your protein pills and put your tin foil hats on :2razz:

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