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Fake Boston House Raid Video Spreads Fear of Martial Law (1 Viewer)

The conspiracies won’t stop. Boston is now under martial law! Thanks to one video on YouTube that shows a police raid, with the title: Police perform house-to-house raids in Watertown MA ripping innocent families from their homes. The video in question has received over 1 Million hits on YouTube and also advertises a Facebook page called PoliceStateUSA. Yeah, that’s not questionable at all. What agenda do you suppose that is pushing?

Various Fear mongers say: It has begun. Ironically in a cult-like groupthink sort of way that is usually the standard for paulbots and obamabots! Watchers of Youtube beware. There is no reason for you to trust this video. There is no reason for you to trust the uploader. There is no reason for you to trust the title of the video and that it describes what is in fact going on. Infowars.com has promoted this video and other “interviews” about people claiming that they were abused by the cops in Boston during the so-called city wide lockdown. There is definitely no reason for you to trust ANYTHING that is on the Inforwars.com website!!!! They may seem sweet and innocent to the naïve paulbots, but beware, they are also pushing their own agenda. What is it?

That agenda is fear! Headline making fear. Yes, they whine about the Mainstream media, that that is all that they do. The Mainstream media they claim brainwashes you and forces you to agree with them. Well guess what hypocrites? You are doing the same exact thing!!!

From hypocrisy-now.com

Fake Boston Youtube Video

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