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Facts Loud Enough for a Liberal – Taxes, the Economy, and Government Dependency

I find it immensely frustrating that Liberals will not listen to facts. It doesn’t matter the issue; taxes, minimum wage, gun control, freedom of speech, whatever, I can scream facts from on high and it just doesn’t matter. With the mass amounts of data available, and the nearly unlimited resources to cite, it’s all irrelevant as Liberals will scoff at them stating “you can find anything on the Internet” or “if you can’t back your sources, you just post your own news.” Well, here I am to write about a few issues with facts, I figure the die hard, kool-aid drinking, head in the sand Liberals will gloss over my “ranting” as “right wing propaganda.” Well, I’m going to write this anyway as I’d rather be an honest right wing “nut job” than a clueless, out of touch, and intellectually dishonest Liberal.

Let’s begin with taxes and the Economy. Obama states that everyone should “pay their fair share.” Hey, that’s great, I agree, so, I ask the bottom 50% of wage earners to pay SOMETHING, ANYTHING, not the measly 2.5% they are credited with[1]. Lies, damn lies, and statistics, explains a great deal of the dishonesty. Why does the Left talk about tax fairness and mention percentages? Let’s talk about dollars. To say that Bill Gates’s secretary pays more in taxes than he does is patently false. 1% of $1,000,000 is a hell of a lot more than 25% of $50,000, so, let’s talk about the fair share, let’s go for equality, have everyone pay $5,000 in taxes, no matter how much they make. Well, that doesn’t make much sense now does it, let’s go with a flat tax and charge EVERYONE the SAME amount, that’s “fair.” Let’s set it at 17% so Bill Gates pays the same percentage as his secretary but, in actuality, his total tax bill is greater, by far, than 100% of the secretaries annual salary. Nope, Obama, the “food stamp president,” per Jesse Jackson[2], wants to tax the “rich” and let at least ½ the country get off scott free.

Let’s continue with the financial facts and discuss income, wealth, and home ownership rates. Under Ronald Reagan private net worth increased 83% from 1981-1989[3], under Bill Clinton net worth increased approximately 30%[4]. Under the last two years of GW Bush and the first 2 years of Obama, American’s saw their net worth decline 40%[5] [6]. Currently the overall household net worth is at levels not seen since the 80’s and 90’s[7]. Personal income increased by 24.6% under Bill Clinton and 6.4% in Obama’s first 2 years[8] [9]. The “American Dream” was known for a long time simply as owning a home. Well, that dream doesn’t seem as attainable as it once did. Home ownership has declined every year that Obama’s been in office and as of the middle of 2012, home ownership is 3% lower than it was in 2009 when he took office[10]. Some will blame GW Bush, others will say Obama hasn’t had enough time to fix it. Well, looking at the dependency increase under Obama, I don’t think he wants to fix it. The more people on the Government dole, the more people will vote for the hand that feeds it.

Speaking of Government dependency, it increased substantially under Barack Obama, how sad, what would our founding fathers think. The number of citizens on disability now exceeds the population of New York city[11]. Even according to one of the most Left web sites on the Internet, The Huffington Post, the “number of American’s on food stamps hits another all time high[12].” Unemployment, although lower than the high during Obama’s term is still 5% higher today than when he was elected, 7.8% versus 8.2%[13] leading to 41 months straight with an unemployment rate over 8%[14], the first time since the end of WW II. Obama and the Left also increased unemployment benefits[15]. Seems like a Marxist plan to keep more and more people reliant on the Government. As shown in Denmark when a Government increases unemployment benefits, the duration of high unemployment remains through the duration of the benefits[16], in other words, why should I find a job if the Government pays me not to work. Whether via disability, food stamps, or unemployment benefits, the numbers of American’s receiving Government handouts is at an all time high, this is an undeniable, incontrovertible rock solid fact.

To conclude, here are some fast facts about the economy:

Gas Prices 1/1/09: $1.61; 8/2/12: $3.49[17]
National Deficit (Annual Difference between Income and Expenses): 2008: $459B; 2011: $1,311B[18]
National Debt (Total Debt US Holds): When Bush Left: $10T; End of 2011: $14.8T; End of 2012e: 16.4T[19]
US Debt to GDP Ratio: Q1 2009: 79.92%; Q1 2012 100.7%[20]
Poverty Rate: 2009: 14.3%[21]; 2012: 15.7%e[22]

I’ve posted fact after fact varying sources including left leaning media such as the New York Times, Huffington Post, and USA Today. What I’ve written is true to historical fact. What more can I do than show people truth and let them either embrace the world as it is or continue living with kool-aid in hand and head in sand?

I’ll continue my factual dismantling of Liberal denial in upcoming posts, stay tuned.

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Lots of things can be frustrating. Like people who assign responsibility for economic trends to Administrations when we're not a fascist state where the President enjoys absolute power over the management of national resources. You have to link economic trends to specific policies, and then link policies to politicians or political groups who authored those policies, for your arguments to even begin to be credible.


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This blog was way too prolix to make any sense to me.
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