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Expensive lousy schools


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Jul 9, 2005
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I live in an Urban area majority, minority population .We have some of the lousiest schools in the state and some of the most expensive . That isnt uusual NYC has a 3 billion dollar school system and graduates about 50%.If these were factories producing anything they'd be out of business,years ago.
Maria Kennedy Schriever helped raise 150 million dollars for NYC schools.Not one dime went into the classes themselves. The money went to train,administrators ! The people who keep NYC schools what they are.
Here is my opinion on whats goin on. Liberals who run big city schools do not want these kids to get educated. They want them to stay, poor and beholding to liberal democrat govt. so they will vote for liberal democrats . If they got educated,they would get good jobs, start to own stuff and might turn Republican ! The biggest opponent to Education reform is the NEA and teacher unions.Other than safety issues they oppose anything that would make teachers more responsibile to actualy educate their students.
Liberals fight 'Voucher " programs because they are dangerous. If you give some kid thats been failing in PS 122 a voucher . He goes to Saint Isidores parochial school. He starts getting A's & B's in a class with twice as many kids as PS 122 with a teacher who makes halfe as much. You embarass the Public school system,people will ask questions.Questions the Education establishment doesn't want to answer.
I agree completely. The government is trapping these students and families into failing schools. This is one of the worst things we are doing to poor and minority families right now.
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