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Ethnic origins

The legend

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May 12, 2005
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The U.S census says that only around 16.2 percent of americans are of british ancestry and many more are of Deutsch descent.
I think that the stats are illogical. If you consider the huge bulk of British and british-canadians that have emigrated to the US they must be the largest group. I have a couple of theories about this.
Maybe because many waves of british immigration occured long ago (even b4 the revolution) many americans are dumb and unaware of their immigrant forefathers. in contrast because a lot of Eastern european, italian and hispanic waves of immigration occured more recently more americans of aware of those ancestries.
Also it is not cool to be seen to be "British". on the other hand it is cool to irish or italian and these ancestres are more strongly expressed.
Give me some feedback. americans who see this can say their individual ancestries.
......yeah.................I don't see a debate here but......I'm Russian and Norwegian.
Well, there's a fine point to debate...

V.I. is an asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk...

I disagree?
I wonder if I'm a **** too... let's give it a try.

My pappy's full-blood Swedish and my mammy's fullblood Polish. Fish and sausages here.
Born in Belfast, UK/Ireland.

My dad's side is English, my mum's side Scottish. Have a rough north irish accent lol. Total mixture.
Aw I was kidding Mr. Legend. I'm sorry if I came off like a series of asterisks....

But really, I just don't see a debate here. And yes I can be quite sarcastic some times, but I can't be nice all the time. I've made an effort to be on other threads you know.

Nevertheless, I apologize TheLegend. And hey, Gandhi disagreed! I have a freind!
I agree, no debate here. I believe the numbers to be accurate as the level of English immigration to the United States in the past 200 hundred years is far less than other countries. In fact, there were already a large number of Germans in the United States at the time of the revolution.

As for racial mixtures, I am part Norman French, Breton French and Cree First Nations. My wife is Minnan with a likely mix of Taiwanese aborigine. My daughters are a combination of the two, obviously.
Did these "dumb" American also change their last names so they aren't British any longer?

Britain is just a little country. The entire population of Britain is only 20% of America. So basically, if the numbers you quoted are correct, we have almost as many Britains here as they do in Britain. Doesn't really sound feasible that we'd have more than them.

What might be possible is that the people claiming German origins are actually of germanic origin and not specifically from Germany. But that's just a speculative theory.
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