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Elections Stink

It’s old news, debated to death years ago, but don’t tell me to get over it, it’s so 10 years ago… Your history COUNTS, especially right now, especially recent history – even 10 minutes ago. Are you really that out of touch, that much of a spectator? You already know that from the day you were born, 10 seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades… ago has everything to do with the personal situation you are in, and how you’re interpreting it at this very moment, right? Hi there. You also know it applies to the rest of the world too, right? Over here too, zippy, like Murphy’s Law…

I’m not your enemy, I’m the only f**king friend you’ve got, ain’t that a mind job? Tough love, munchkin. Suck it up. December 2000 was a pivotal moment in recent US and world history, maybe the pivotal moment in what your/our future will come to be. Maybe new eyes or thoughts land on this for a first time, anyway. Plus, it’s election season, you know we crawl out from the woodwork by now…

During the 2000 election, Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida, Katherine Harris was the secretary of state of Florida, and Clayton Roberts was the head of Florida’s department of elections. They headed a 4 million dollar deal with Data Base Technologies (DBT) who were responsible for checking the Florida felon lists to make sure the people listed were in fact felons.

The felon list was comprised of mostly black, poor, democrats. Over 95% of the felons listed (22,000 votes) were not felons. This wasn’t discovered until after the election. In addition, Palm Beach (heavily democrat) voting machines misread 27,000 ballots. Gadsden (heavily black democrat) voting machines misread 1 in 8 ballots. It would eventually be discovered that country wide, 1.5 million votes were not counted in that election because of omissions and wrongly removed names. Who cares, look at the skin color of the current President – all fixed.

We remember the Florida re-counts? Katherine Harris stopped those re-counts in Palm Beach and Gadsden. It’s worth mentioning that Katherine Harris was in charge of the Florida vote count because she was also co-chair to Bush’s Presidential Campaign, with little brother Jeb as head of the State and a 4 million dollar deal that eventually drew Civil Rights complaints and an NAACP lawsuit. Regardless, the Supreme Court backed Harris’ decision, and handed the Presidency to George Bush by a narrow 537 votes. Promotions and/or positions handed out to cronies, like we’ve seen a million times before, while the investigations and lawsuit were just getting started/killed…

U.S Civil Rights Commissioners went after the many discrepancies within the 2000 election process, their investigation thwarted. The NAACP sued Florida for violating voters civil rights, it settled in 2002, with promises to fix the errors and policy. None of this changed a heavily tarnished election, to put it very politely. The media coverage of the whole process was… Whell… Only biased liberals and ‘conspiracy theorists’ cared, anyway…

In the 2004 election, the felon list was found to have the same names from the 2000 list. When this list was brought to attention, the state of Florida abandoned it. The mislabeled felons were still unable to register for voting in 2004.

There was also a tremendous push toward electronic voting machines (EVM’s) in 2004, even though there were frightening discoveries about their software, which is secret. Nobody besides the code writers know how the software works, which some consider a good thing. Nobody can tamper, right?

The software is easily tampered with for vote outcomes, there’s more than one way to do it within 10-90 seconds, absolutely no evidence of tampering left behind. Maybe if nobody knows how it works, nobody can understand the gaping hole, nobody ‘important’ can be blamed… I’m sure it’s just one of those coincidental drawbacks to a system like anything else that nobody would actually exploit to maximum capacity in a ‘democracy’ – a ‘free country’. You can’t even get blown in the White House without it being all over the media, as if vote tampering wouldn’t get way more attention…

Diebold, the largest manufacturer of EVM’s, is marred with scandal and controversy. They have unprecedented authority in Georgia to distribute electronic voting machines throughout the state, design the ballots, then monitor the election without any state oversight. Honestly, I don’t know if they fixed this problem, or if it spread to other states. I’m only guessing the later…

Walden O’Dell, then CEO of Diebold, was quoted in an 03 fundraising letter as saying he was ‘committed to delivering the electoral votes of his home state of Ohio to President Bush’. No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio. The first motion contesting a vote count in a century, was filed in Ohio following another of Bush’s narrow wins with close ties. O’Dell later resigned when Diebold faced securities fraud for insider trading...

I didn’t look into the 2008 election much further than to know the Department of Justice continues to do very little to enforce compliance with The National Voter Registration Act, making it very difficult for ‘lower class’ citizens to register, while ‘whiter’ more ‘republican’ neighborhoods seem to be in and out in a few minutes, no hassles to clear their names or get registered. I’d be interested to know what happened to the recurring 4 million dollar felon list in 08. The EVM’s and media are still a joke, the same systems and people are still around… Same s**t, different pile, to think it’s gotten better on its own would be dreaming a la crack pipe…

Now there are no limits on campaign contributions, ‘backroom’ deals seem to be a norm. The economic crisis was just so priceless, Fed investigations or audits not necessary or stalled. Homeland Security and a War on Terror rules our rules, information getting harder to come by, we’ll get back to you, national security, ongoing investigation, same ol’, same ol’, been there done that, you want my t-shirt too…? Seriously, you’re taking my shirt…? … You’re really…? Ok, ok, here you go, no worries partner, thank-you, come again… Did you see that? Guy took my shirt… He just took it, I don’t know, f**king lunatic IRS-type, had a gun, I wasn’t gonna die over a shirt... Let’s get out of here before he comes back for our pants, I’m wearing black socks, I don’t want to look ridiculous…

And I didn’t go any farther back than the 2000 election either, but I feel safe in saying that the same system of money and influence was extremely important in elections, at least as far back as I’ve been alive. I venture that that history had something to do with where the system was in December of 2000.

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Based only on the conflict of interest with Katherine Harris in the 2000 election, family ties, the 4 million dollar felon list with ‘irregularities’ amounting to far more than the incredibly narrow win, Civil Rights investigations thwarted, an NAACP lawsuit that didn’t matter anyway, Supreme Court ‘interference’… The election should have been halted, some major asses seriously overhauled, before the new CROOK ever took f**king office let alone had 8 f**king years, it was a maggoty-puss choking disaster, I swear to Christ if that wasn’t your motherf**king wake-up call, you *****-footing, masochisticcrack fiends

Why this didn’t happen when enough people and organizations raged against the election process with the ‘evidence’ they had, is a testament to how deep the conspiracy runs, how incredibly complacent the population is, not how crazy those who started jumping up and down to take notice, got...

Tough love says you’re a circus of a country today, your delusions of grandeur are old fashioned, you’re reaping exactly what you’ve sewn, your flag will one day be as offensive as the swastika, don’t blame me, blame yourselves, and quit with the defensive hurt look in your eyes, or your macho ‘terrorist sympathizer’ bulls**t, get a f**king grip on yourself and look around. You can’t possibly wrap your head around why someone would respectfully say ‘you had 9/11 coming for so many reasons’ because your heads are so far up your asses you couldn’t handle a second of daylight even if you wanted to take a look around out here... Thaaat’s right, munchkins, you can’t handle the truth…

Instead, you got tired of hearing the whiners whine about their hanging chad’s all over the media, called anyone shouting about anything other than hanging chad’s a ‘conspiracy theorist’, let the Head Munchkins put in their EVM’s to rig things better with, that’ll learn ‘em, nobody votes anymore anyway, good grief, I think I just broke a blood vessel and I feel like I’ve only just begun, keeeeryst I could spit venom about this…

It’s plain to see just how tolerant a munchkin you are. Awe inspiring, really. I couldn’t do it. Democracy for Dummies, you should take that s**t on a world tour…



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