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E85 Now Sold In Toledo (1 Viewer)

Aug 13, 2005
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E85 Now Sold In Toledo

It's called E85, 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gas, and it's now being pumped at the Sterling Store on Alexis Rd. next to Powertrain. Ohio Department of Agriculture Director Fred Dailey says ethanol use in Ohio will now increase with more vehicles being able to run on it, and the alternative fuel infrastructure being put into place. Dailey says besides lowering dependence on foreign oil, this will be a boost for Ohio corn growers. While only vehicles with flexible fuel engines can operate with E85, Sterling Store officials say it'll be anywhere between 20-40 cheaper than regular unleaded gas on any given day. The Toledo store is believed to be just the second outlet for ethanol in Ohio.

Currently it is $1.85

Here's a link to find out if you have an E85 compatible vehicle:

Here's a link to FAQs about E85:

I haven't been following this intently. Although, I did recently read an article based on a study from, I believe, Columbian University on this topic. Their claim was it used more fossil fuel to make ethanol than it does to make gasoline.

It's good to know that this technology isn't just being "looked" into. It's a reality right now. I hope soon more, if not all, vehicles will be able to accept E85 fuel.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

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