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Don't vote... (1 Viewer)

...because your vote doesn’t matter, and you will feel like crap after you realize that the lying bastards again played you for a fool. And you will be right next to rapists and murderers if you live in Virginia.

The Republican betrayal after the 2014 elections, as nothing ever did in the past, shows the total and complete failure of the sick experiment known as democracy, and how the American-style, two-party scam really works.
This is why the Americans with brains are pissed off as never before, and ready to vote for a guy who swears in public, insults women, got visibly angry during the debates, interrupted his opponents, called them names, always fights back, says what he means and doesn’t care what anybody thinks. The American voters are finally ready to accept a street fighter with bad manners because they are scared. It’s about time.

The ruling class needs your vote for only one reason: to legitimize the corrupt and perverted system they created for their own benefit. Just as they need the always-obedient, mindless super-patriot soldiers to do the shooting and the dying for the causes no one understands or is allowed to question without the risk of being called unpatriotic, they need the voters to show that you continue to support the crooks and their ideas how to “lead this nation into the future”. As one commenter wrote, voting is nothing more than a slave's suggestion box.

To maintain the illusion of a race, they divided themselves into two groups: blue and red. Just as during army war games, both groups will be shooting verbal blanks while mindful that they are co-conspirators, and that it’s all a show for the naive who still believe that something really important is at stake. They know that the real enemy and the problem are you and your utterly annoying attachment to whatever little money you still have.

To agitate the base, the two factions will argue about bull**** like gay marriage, burning American flags, school prayers, and racism. The Latino invasion, deficits, de-industrialization of the country, and the annihilation of the middle class - the four unsustainable mega-trends that are killing the country - are never debated.

As in the communist countries, the American voters are not allowed to make decisions of any kind through a legally binding referendum. Do you recall ever being asked by your senator or congressman what you think about anything, so that he would vote according to your wishes? If he ever did, it was just as a ploy to get your vote and a donation to his re-election campaign because the whore was running low on the bribes from the K-Street influence peddlers.

Contrary to what you were told, you are not even allowed to vote for presidents, either; your rulers just don’t trust you enough to give you the right to vote directly. Instead, all you are permitted is to vote for party apparatchiks, also known as delegates, who, in turn, will select their party candidate. In November, the charade will be repeated to make you think you are voting for the next president rather than another clique, the Electoral College, who, a month or so later, will eventually elect the next White House tenant. You probably didn’t know that, under law, your vote is only a suggestion, as, according to Wikipedia, Electoral College members can technically vote for anyone they please and ignore you and your November vote.

Still feeling important and empowered?

Is there any reason why you should not be able to decide if you want more immigrants and refugees? Do you recall ever being asked if it was OK with you to let one-fifth of El Salvador and a quarter of Mexico to move in here, overrun your schools, hospitals and prisons, and bring with them diseases, drugs and crime? Do you really want a horde of Pakistanis, Somalis, or Nigerians in your town? You don’t, but what you want means nothing to your masters who need foreign parasites to become voters, and add to the pool of cheap labor because you are asking too much.

To perpetrate the farce and to satisfy the minimum requirements for democracy, Americans are permitted to vote for the pre-approved party hacks. To be sure no one gets any crazy idea that voting is an opportunity to express dissatisfaction with the rotten and corrupt system, you are never going to see none of the above on the ballot. The winning whore - blue or red - will later say that the people have chosen. As did Sophie in Sophie’s Choice.

White protestant American men built this great country, only to see it being systematically destroyed by the low-information soccer moms who twice elected a promiscuous hick from Arkansas. Later, the brain-dead single women doubled down with a truly vile gift from hell - a Muslim community agitator from Chicago - in exchange for the federally mandated birth-control pill.

In their perverted logic, promiscuity, random premarital sex, free contraceptives, and unrestricted ability to cut up into smaller pieces what could one day be a smiling and happy child take precedence over everything else. The survival of the white race and the nation, the American feminazis and their mindless followers happily left to the fly-over, Bible-clutching, gun-packing right-wingers to worry about.

As the concept of unselfish patriotism quickly becomes as outdated and almost as laughable as the Constitution itself, it takes no special skill or effort to predict that the nation’s fate will ultimately be sealed the day the white American men - outnumbered and *****fied - finally abdicate and start voting for the party offering the best deal on porn, condoms and Viagra.
You are not well
Perhaps the GOP needs to tweek it's platform just a tad?

"No more abortion" and "no more assistance for you and your child" aren't exactly appealing to most single women.

Just a thought...
You may want to seek assistance. There's lots of help available, all you have to do is just ask.

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