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Don’t die for your country (1 Viewer)

…seven-thousand miles away because your country doesn’t deserve it and doesn’t need it. When the enemy shows up at our borders, we all will defend it - right along with you.

Oh, wait…It’s already happening, and nobody gives a crap. In fact, it’s a lot worse - your government is aiding and abetting the invading hordes.

The "mind your own damn business" rule applies just as much to enlisting and being shipped to some far-away hellholes all over the world to bring to the natives your kind of dysfunctional, corrupt and incompetent form of government, deficits, multiculturalism, open borders, pornography, crime, drug addiction, obesity, abortion, and the Planned Parenthood-style death mills in business of selling baby body parts, some obtained while the baby’s heart is still beating. Did it ever occur to you that “America” lost its claim to the high moral ground decades ago and that the only thing dumber than spreading the American liberal decay is getting killed doing it?

In every war, there are those who do the paying and the dying while the ruling elites make money and advance their careers safely at home. They will get all the help from the obedient lapdog media, hyping up their next adventure to make you sign up. Later, to show their gratitude, they will give you prosthetics if you lose your legs - if you live long enough to see a government doctor. Some veterans were not so lucky.

I am not sure where you would prefer to die - in Afghanistan or at home waiting to see a government doctor. Whichever is the case, at your funeral, your parents will get a beautiful flag to remind them of your patriotism. They will miss hugging the kids you will never have, though, but that will be their problem, not yours.

Seventy years ago, the United States fought to win. When carpet bombing, American pilots did not have to take additional risks in an effort to avoid schools and hospitals. Killing civilians was not only not punished; it was part of the plan because, as any idiot would tell you, hitting the nation’s soft underbelly - including kids - is the fastest way to victory; hence fire-bombing Dresden and nuking Japan.

Today, Generals Patton and MacArthur would be court-martialed and sentenced to life in prison. The rules of engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan, set and monitored by lawyers, turned the American army into police and social workers, with their lives less important than “winning the hearts and minds” of the locals. If you want to see close up how that form of insanity works, watch The Hurt Locker.

Did anyone tell you that the ISIS drivers are given an advance warning by the U.S military before their oil-carrying trucks are hit, and that the oilrigs are off limits to the American pilots for environmental reasons? Do you really want to put your life on the line as a social worker who is under orders not to fire until fired upon? Even cops in Beverly Hills have more latitude in shooting the local scum that may be a threat to them.

Dying defending your kids is noble. Dying in Iraq or Afghanistan playing the world cop is beyond stupid. If you feel that what you just read is insensitive and cruel, let me remind you that years ago, one hundred of your Marines died liberating Fallujah.

Today, the city is occupied by ISIS, ISIL, IS, al-Qaeda or whatever name the Islamic throat-slashing thugs like to call themselves. So, when you hear the parents proclaiming that the death of their son was not in vain, be charitable and consider that this is what they must believe to stay sane, and that this is why they have to lie to themselves and everyone else.

As Iraq is falling, it finally becomes obvious to anyone with an ounce of brain that we should have never gone there to waste a trillion bucks while playing the world cop and nanny. If you are one of the mindless knee-jerk patriots, you probably need an explanation why what is going on in Iraq should be celebrated; once Iraq falls to the fanatics, the Americans may actually become almost as smart as the Russians and the Chinese, and decide - once and for all - to mind your own business and quit patrolling the world.

On the other hand, a success in Iraq would send an awful message that spending a trillion and burying 4477 American soldiers was patriotism at its best and a great achievement to be repeated at every future opportunity to bring democracy and the toilet paper to the Stone Age primates. Obviously, the sixty-thousand Americans wasted in Vietnam was not convincing enough.

The problem with "dying for my country" is that you don’t have a country, as country normally means people united in common culture and language, defined borders, and a government composed of moral and patriotic men and women trying to do their best to assure sustainable prosperity for the governed.

In “America” - as most of you call the United States - that ship has sailed long time ago and never returned. With no borders, afraid to offend the Latino thieves and rapists, you are controlled by a clique of corrupt traitors whose only objective is to stay in power, get their gold-plated pensions, assure the same for their families, and, in the process, to turn the Unites States into the world’s sanctuary and a garbage can for the surplus people and goods.

After what you just read, if you still don’t mind dying for the unsustainable, corrupt, and criminal mess the brainless American voters brought upon themselves, you are welcome to it, but don’t expect anyone to be sad, grateful or impressed if you do because no one really gives a s***.

Watching Bruce Jenner bloom into a voluptuous woman is so much more fun than agonizing over war casualties.
Beaudreaux;bt3465 said:
What an awfully hateful, uneducated, and myopic viewpoint.

Hateful. Check. I hate to see men die for nothing.

Uneducated. Nope. I know more than a thousand American college graduates put together.

Myopic. Nope. What was the long-term payback from all the dead soldiers in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan? Just feeling good and patriotic? You want someone to die to feel good?

You, Americans, are world class morons playing world cop and social worker, and getting nothing but dead and wounded in return.

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