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Did Great White Kill Student? Mom Tells of Last Conversation


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Apr 25, 2009
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Riverside, County, CA.
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This picture is not from this story by the size looks about right.
Do you think this surfer stay out after seeing this monster?

I get chills thinking about this because I was about 5 feet from a 12 footer when my Dad gutted it as it made it's second pass by us. We were Abalone diving near Bird Rock, La Jolla, CA. I was shaking so bad it was unreal, I don't think I was crying, but I was just a kid. My Dad was fearless, having survived WW-II was why. To tell the truth I didn't want to ever go back.

This death gave me flash backs.

I won't even go in the water anymore and I used to be a Lifeguard in San Diego, but I guess grew out of it.

This story really makes you wonder. But fact is shark attacks are rare, compared to almost any other animal attack.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that dog attacks send 6,000 Americans to the hospital every year and kill about 15 -- usually children.

In 2009, there were 61 confirmed "unprovoked" shark attacks in the world, resulting in 5 deaths, your chances of getting killed by lightning are 30 times greater.

50 to 100 people are killed worldwide each year by bee stings (bees kill more persons annually than all other venomous animals combined), and about 100 people die each year from an allergic reaction from eating peanuts.

The think is none of these other animals can bite you in half and eat your butt, on the spot.

I believe that is where the fear comes from. I know I have had it.

Did Great White Kill Student? Mom Tells of Last Conversation | KEYT.com - News, Weather, Sports for Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Ventura, Oxnard | Local
Vandenberg/Lompoc - Federal and State Fish and Game officials are working to identify the type of shark which attacked and killed a local student off Surf Beach near Vandenberg Air Force Base.

The shark was described as being 14 to 20 feet in length. Experts should be able to detemine by the bite marks on the "boogie board", and the victim, are that of a Great White or another type of shark. So far they have not made any announcement. Meantime, beaches in the area remain closed this weekend.

19-year-old Lucas Ransom, a UCSB student, died Friday morning when the shark bit off his leg while he paddled some 100 feet from shore. The massive wound caused him to bleed to death.
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