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Democratic Playbook

Democratic agenda (Playbook): Here’s the Democratic agenda in a nutshell. Democrats claim they want equality of opportunity and outcomes for the less fortunate, For the sake of brevity, let's call them the needy. And who will provide this? The community concept. Kind of like “it takes a village to raise a child”. The reality is the village is actually the bureaucrats of the political party that is in power. And it’s the bureaucrats of the political party in power who determine how much and who gets the free money, free education, free food, free whatever it takes to level the playing field of opportunity which of course quickly becomes the level field of outcomes. Now the political party that offers the most free stuff, to the most people will be the ones who stay in power. Enter the Democratic Party. They quickly figured out that to stay in power and enrich themselves they needed lots of needy folks (the ones who receive the free stuff) compared to successful folks (the ones who pay the taxes). So how do they sell this concept to the voters? First, a steady supply of needy folks is needed (often, low information or misinformed). They’re an easy sell. And lucky for the Democrats, Central America and the strife torn Middle East has an endless supply. So here’s the Democratic plan: Keep the current needy together in the large cities, where they can keep an eye on them, make sure they vote Democratic, and make sure they stay needy. Then, open the borders to whoever wants in (and of course needy folks will come flocking), tell the needy that those other guys ( aka Republicans), hate you, hate immigrants, hate everyone including women, hate all LGBT’s, you name it, they hate’em. They even hate Muslims. Tell them those mean O'Rpublicans will also take all your free stuff away. This is the basic Democratic playbook. The Republican playbook is simple: Convert the needy folks into successful folks. Go Trump!
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