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Darfur genocide,a gruesome crime


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Mar 3, 2006
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the sudanese goverment is using militiary action and organized
starvation to systematically kill the black sudanese of Darfur

over a 1000000 people face a horrible death from starvation and disease as the government and militias try to stop humanitarian aid from reaching them.

The same forces have destroyed the people of Darfur's villages and crops, and poisoned their water supplies, and they continue to murder, rape and terrorize.
pleaseif you care about your fellow members of humanity in the slightest, help in any way
you can.to learn how you can help go tohttp://www.darfurgenocide.org/

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Darfur is an unfortunate example to the American people of European and UN craveness.
Darfur is in Europes sphere of influence.
It is Europes responsibility to do something and they are failing miserably.
Could it be Sudans OIL that is stopping any real action b the Europeans.
America shoud stay the hell out of Darfur ! !
Let Europe and the Un handle it.If they won't, we should make sure the whole world knows they are not doing their job !
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