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Create an Amendment project...


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Sep 14, 2005
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Need help with some ideas for this little paper:
Select and issue you believe the Constitution needs to address and create an amendment.

I just need an idea and I can take it from there...I just can't think of anything.
The designated hitter rule...

It's biased against power-hitting pitchers...
I love baseball too, and thought of that, but I was looking more towards a social issue (not gay marriage, it's too easy to do) or a school system amendment.
Cell phone use in cars... (not that I would agree, but it is a sensative issue amoung many).
designated hitters using cell phones?:2wave:
Anyone else?
Prez no longer needs to be born on US soil.

Media liable for stories no more code of protection.

18 year olds in service can drink alcohol

Voting by internet new standard

Borders will be sealed by 12ft barbed fence

Congress no longer has unlimited funds for brochurs/mailings to get them re-elected.

Congress minority bill of rights
How about the complete abolishment of the Alcohol age limit.

Dumbest thing of all time, it makes no sense. If the parent cannot be a parent then he/she shouldn't be a parent.. is it so hard?
Line item veto. (Let's cut some pork out of the budget that way).

A firm thick wall between church and state so the argument is no longer ambiguous.

Consensual crimes are no longer crimes between adults (prostitution, drugs, assisted suicide etc.). Let's call it the personal responsibility amendment.

The responsible spending amendment. Congress cannot run in the red, any money paid out must be accounted for and paid for by taxes.
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