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Condi Rice says NO


Jan 14, 2005
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I was listing to Meet The Press, And This Week with George S They both interviewed Condi Rice they both ask her at least A donzen time if she will run for president and she said No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! .

You can see she was almost to the point of slapping both George and Tim Russert...........I personal think I would love to see her run for president .....But I really don't think America is ready for A woman President and let's face it she is black

Just Tring to be honest
Four More Years?

Four more years? President Bush has said that he plans to do things differently this term. Well, the one thing that he has learned over the past four years is to delegate others to take the blame when he seriously makes a mistake that the rest of the world disagrees with. This time he is allowing certain members of his cabinet to become more vocal, to have their own opinions and make their own decisions on what to do with the world. This term he has delegated Condoleezza Rice to run the country. I believe the whole country saw this one coming a long time ago. She saves the president after 9/11 and the next thing you know she's getting promoted. And to top it all off, Collin Powell (the stand up guy that he has been throughout the first four years) steps down. Hmmm ... do you think that maybe he was forced to hand in his resignation? It seems to me that he and George "dubya" should've traded places for the second term. Well, the world has wondered what it would be like to have a woman in power over the country, and now we will certainly get to see it for ourselves. Shall we call her President Connie? I feel that after these next four years of having her at the helm, the world will be missing those crazy antics of George W Bush. Since the 2004 election he has virtually stepped aside to allow Rice to take the wheel. Crazy women drivers! Beware citizens! Stay of the sidewalks ... Condoleezza Rice is driving! :eek:
I really don't think America is ready for A woman President
I agree with that statement. I dunno if I could vote for a woman to be my President. Though I do like Rice, I am still not convinced a woman could do the job. (/me gets ready for the barage of questions)

and let's face it she is black
Sounds like you are keeping the race issue alive and well. Then blame it on cons.

I personally do not see this as even relivant.
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