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Commander in Chief-The Show, not the Person


The Almighty
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Jun 23, 2005
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Denver, CO
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So, I figured there's a Smallville thread and since Commander in Chief is obviously so very much cooler, might as well start a thread on it too.

Couple of my own comments to start the ball rolling:

The daughter is a flat out, hard core bitch. She's lucky I can't slap her over the TV.

I had a big problem with the fact that she kept her own kids home from school, but didn't tell all the other parents in the nation to do the same. Can you imagine if something had happened and it came out that the president knew it was too dangerous to send her own kids? A little selfish.
Since all you people SUCK and don't seem to be watching the greatest show ever created, I'll just talk to myself. :mrgreen:

Last night's episode was pretty cool. Except the VP now owes the speaker one very large favor. I doubt he'll do anything to jeapordize the country...but we'll see. Glad the husband finally came to his senses and didn't take the job. What's the deal with the son and his grades? He seems like a smart kid...
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Damn it. I...was just testing you shua. Good catch.
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