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Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell explodes during Hannity interview


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Jul 29, 2009
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Civil rights attorney and talk show host Leo Terrell is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity's show on Fox, and is known for his angry outbursts. Usually though, those outbursts are directed at Hannity or one of his conservative guests... Not this time though.

The fun begins at the 2:50 mark if you don't want to watch the entire segment.

About time Whine Williams has someone question his sense. The jury didn't show compassion???? OMG What would he have the jury do? We feel sorry for the parents so we're going to put someone in jail who's committed no crime??
Lacked compassion? What? That's not what courtrooms DO. Jeez, Juan.
The video strangely causes me to wonder what OJ's opinion of this case is?
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Lacked compassion? What? That's not what courtrooms DO. Jeez, Juan.

if what was being sought was compassion, then the parties were in the wrong location
church would be the appropriate venue for dispensation of compassion - NOT the court
I was a bit harsh in my first comment. Juan Williams, sometimes is sensible. It's times like this one I scratch my head and ask, "I know you're smarter than that Juan, where did you fish this one up"?? I sometimes wonder if he is simply playing "devil's advocate" in order to "put on a show".

I've heard him speak before on the legal system. He knows a jury isn't there to show "compassion". That's such an absurd statement and mindset, I simply refuse to believe Juan believes it. (pardon my redundancy)
No doubt Williams is more of a pacifist than most people.
But that is his right. Leo is a bomb thrower that goes off at the slightest provocation.
I notice when ever a well educated, eloquent, "black" person speaks the truth that a lot of the leftist just run and hide. That guy said it well when he noted that black parents aren't holding their kids any closer today then before the verdict - especially since 11000 African American's are dead since TM was killed.
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