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Civil Disobedience 2010

Fellow citizens, do not let your friendships and associations, prevent our tounges, from " Confiding our contempt for , " The powerful arrogant classes of America". "The Publicratic Revote", begins not as an end to a means ; but as a beginning to, national defense and self control. We must now clearly define it as : The season of change for the," years of the evolution, to absolute corruption".This is the nature of governments unchecked or not! America has completed this cycle . Resulting in a , Representative Government Deft- to the, Protections, Securitys and Welfare of its citizens. As a citizen my dis-satisfaction has Been comprimised. In an Accident of" due diligence ", The People of Massachussets in a fit of , "National Passion ". Have livened us and gave us a simple idea the , " cross over vote" can now have a place in the arsonal of average AMERICANS. Massachussetts Leads the Revolt against a system long overdue for change. We must be loyal to ourselves, not the powerful- manipulative ruling elite. REPUBLICAN DEMOCRAT
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