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Changing Views.


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Apr 30, 2010
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Albany, NY
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It's often said that debate is pointless because "neither side is going to change their minds." While there's probably some truth in this, I can say for my part that debates have, on occasion, changed my mind on some things.

For example:

I used to be a staunch supporter of gun control until the sheer weight of argument and statistics forced me to re-evaluate that position.

On the other side of the spectrum, I used to be much more fiscally conservative than I am today. Until I realized that, like it or not, one of two groups is going to have a significant amount of control over my life, either a corporation, or a government, and I'd rather it be the group I can toss out every 2-4 years.

I'm curious about others' opinion-changing experiences.
I cant point to specific examples, but doing this causes constant shift and modification of my views. 99% of the reason I'm here is to have my own positions challenged so I can see my own weaknesses by people intentionally trying to find them who wont hold back. If I see a genuine weakness, I examine it and see if it's systemic or simply a matter of interpretation and act accordingly.

I cant think of anything that I will NEVER change my mind about, if I make a statement or stand by a position, it's because the synthesis of my moral and intellectual faculties and resources have come together to tell me that, at that moment, that is the best position to take.
I'm pro-gun control and anti-capital punishment, but I don't have real strong views on these issues. I think I'm right, but I don't know, with 100% certainty, that I'm right.
I can't say I'd never change my mind on them, the way I can say, with absolute certainty, that I will always be staunchly pro-choice on the abortion issue.
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I've become more in favor of less restrictions on guns and think states should have a lot more power than I thought before.
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