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Candidate Files Criminal Complaint Over Firm Handshake


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Mar 11, 2009
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A firm handshake is usually seen as a good thing in business and even in politics.
Not so much in South Florida. A candidate for the Broward County School Board wants the cops to lock up her opponent after what she claims was akin to battery after a recent debate.
Jaemi Levine filed a complaint with the Broward Sheriff's Office claiming David Thomas squeezed her hand so hard during a post-debate handshake Tuesday that it now hurts.

Candidate Files Criminal Complaint Over Firm Handshake | NBC Miami

:lamo The silly season has started in full bloom my friends....Demo's are in desperate straights. Resorting to smears, and innuendo of misdeeds of Repubs that can be as old as 20 years have made their way into this election, and the discussions of real issues suffer.

We have further documentation of this as reported by ABC news.

It's not just the Aqua Buddha and David Vitter's prostitute, Democratic candidates across the country are closing out the campaign with personal attacks on Republican candidates, sometimes digging up decades-old legal problems.

Vote 2010 Elections: Democratic Closing Argument: Personal Attacks - ABC News

All of this portends a Tsunami election this coming Tuesday in which could see Pelosi retire should the models be correct and Repubs retake the house.

As Nancy Pelosi goes, so might a generation of her colleagues.

If Democrats lose control of the House of Representatives next week, as most political observers expect, there is a good chance that the House Speaker will opt to spend time with her eight grandchildren rather than toil in the relative obscurity of the minority.

Pelosi, Among Others, Could Exit if Dems Lose House - TIME

Oh but to dream.....:2wave: bye bye Nancy, don't let the door hit ya.

The Senate is also bracing for their leader to be ousted.

Yet given his own deep political ambitions and drive, Mr. Schumer is also very carefully laying the groundwork to move on a moment’s notice to try to secure the top Democratic job if Mr. Reid is defeated on Tuesday.

The situation for Mr. Schumer is further complicated by the fact that his partner in the Senate leadership and Capitol Hill housemate, Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, is also positioning himself in the underground campaign to replace Mr. Reid, though both men have made it clear they would greatly prefer that Mr. Reid return. The senators and their aides declined to comment for this article.


Oh my, an inner party squabble right after an embarrassing loss. I have my popcorn at the ready.....:lol:

I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch but friends hopefully this is the turning of the government control tide, and the real work starts on Nov. 3


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