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  • No problem JANFU....I am really trying to change my persona around here...Nice to know it's working....;)
    Nice having a reasonable and partisan free discussion- even though we differ on some things.
    Hi J mac,

    Thank you for the kind words, i've still been around just not so much time to post as a lot of time is spent moderating. The forum has gotten very busy with the lead up to the election. I agree with your post. Did you see my response above yours?

    You all deserve much better.
    ***** Coronado is a Wise Ass and I suspect he's got a few restraining orders on him. Anybody putting up an Avatar like that has come on strong in Real Life.

    ****** He comes across like he has zero standards and has little accountability.

    ***** Capt.Courtesy is a Liberal Progressive plain & simple.
    I am in agreement with you about Capt. Courtesy, I got baited by Coronado so I told him to F off, although I left the F part blank, he ratted me out...so careful with him. Although he didn't get dinged, he got a pass. Point being is the Capt. Courtesy protects his own. I e-mailed him back about fairness but, to no avial he didn't even want to hear it, although I tripped him up. Anyway nice to read your post again.
    Good to see you, my old nemesis. Hope things are well for you and your family.
    No doubt! I bet it is beautiful there. Anyway, hope you get plenty of rest and fun in, and good to see you here, hope you stay.

    Hi Jay!! Been taking a long vacation from modding and just seeing what other boards are like.

    Now at the moment I am posting from a place between the Simpson Desert and the Arafura Sea!!

    Exotic eh??
    J-Mac...the title didn't seem to fit the message...unless the link was wrong....don't know....please explain...anyway I throughly enjoyed the link to Beck....harv
    The libs over at WS are all bent out of shape over the failed Healthcare plan...lol.
    Yeah, they are definitely imploding....This place seems much more open to debate though in a true sense..Plus some of the WS con's are here.....

    Will PM more later

    Whats up buddy...I received your message and I can honestly say that I am outraged at the Mods recent behavior.If they're goal is to drive out all the conservatives they are doing a damn fine job of it.

    Last time I logged in at WS I found out 4 conservatives had been banned within a week...you included.It's hard to have any sort of discussion now that I get bombarded from all sides without any help from you and the others that have been thrown out.Plus many conservatives are just staying away from that socialist wannabe site.

    I've only been on there twice since you were thrown out.WS is getting to be a lonely place.
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