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Call your U.S. Senators; vote NO to the cloture due this Saturday



This Saturday, Sept 28 2013, Senate leader H. Reid has scheduled a vote on cloture to fund Obamacare w/o any amendments, this means the following can't be fixed:

Unfortunately is done on purpose in a plane by liberals to further control peoples lives by limiting your choices e.g. liberties & freedom.

Call your senators & tell them not to vote for cloture.
Sign up here now for starters → Don't fund it

"Reid would rely on an arcane Senate procedure called the “motion to strike” that allows him to amend the bill with a bare majority after cloture has been invoked to shut down debate on the bill.

In other words Reid would invoke cloture with the bill still intact — meaning Republicans, who support defunding Obamacare, would vote for cloture. After cloture had been invoked, Reid could then move remove the language defunding Obamacare with only a bare majority" - Jonathan Strong

Find your senators here → make a stand for liberty

While your one the phone tell them to not ratify the U.N. Guns treaty signed by another ultra liberal, John Kerry & do not raise the debt ceiling (since the senate hasn't passed a budget in years)


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You can tell they'll do well around here when they cite Free Republic.


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  • Obamacare Software Can't 'Reliably Determine' Enrollees' Eligibility For Subsidies = MAJOR fraud.

I hate fraud. And yes, the potential is there, but fraudulently purchasing health insurance at lower rates due to a subsidy is not a fraud that will be abused at the same level as other things. The highest abuse/fraud will typically occur with things that pay you cash. I'd rather congress focused on child tax credit fraud for example. There's still billions being paid out in child tax credit claims for kids who don't actually exist thanks to poor ITIN practices. Congress could end it overnight. Require a SSN to obtain the child tax credit for a dependent. ACA is just flavor of the month hype.
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