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Call to Action: Self Exploration to Finding Yourself to Build Purpose and Create a Better Society

Although we are only within in the first quarter of 2020 this year has already been one of personal growth and accomplishing milestones. I was accepted into one of the most prestigious programs at work, I started a YouTube Channel, and I just passed the one month mark of having LASIK surgery. These are just a few accomplishments thus far and I am looking forward to accomplishing much more in the next coming months.

Every person has something to offer the world and if everyone could tap into their potential, the world could become an even more remarkable and incredible place. However, why does this seemingly simple yet strenuous and heart wrenching task seem so impossible for most people? Answers can be found in a series of passages, written by the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Gustav Jung.

Jung’s writing’s expose us to a number of issues imbedded with modern society that have led to the internal downfall of man, thus leaving modern people with what he refers to as a spiritual crisis. Jung writes: “The emergence of this spiritual problem coincides with the declining influence of traditional influences on western society”. The traditional influences Jung speaks of are religion, mostly Christianity. Although I am not a proponent of mainstream religions, I do agree that something can be obtained from studying religion. I personally prefer to refer to myself as a spiritual person, however, every individual has the right to choose his or her preference. Despite how you feel about religion and spirituality, there is obviously a clear correlation between society becoming increasingly secular, and the furtherance of hopelessness and worthlessness amongst the general population.

Although I personally believe there is a direct correlation between the two, I do not have the qualitative nor quantitive evidence to back my claim. I am merely basing my claims off personal observation, my studies of history, and a common sense form of judgement in what seems like a consensus amongst the general population. One cannot deny that religion plays a smaller role in society than 50 years prior. Even if the role is the same, society’s adherence to its teachings, practices, and moral aptitude has definitely declined. This is witnessed everyday on television, the internet, and by the very conduct of people in public. Irregardless of my observations, I am not here to chastise people on the proper way of behaving. People are not only feeling

I am far from perfect, however, I attribute my success in recent months to the long process of self healing, self exploration, and spiritual work that I believe so many people avoid for valid reasons. Working on the self is taxing and draining. Self reflection sometimes brings about feelings of pain, shame, and other harmful feelings. Oftentimes, people deal with enough internal negativity let alone negative external forces. Thus it does not make sense for most people to explore the inner depths of their own personal psyche to evaluate how they can alter their actions to not only change themselves, but their lives too. Despite this fact, avoiding this process will lead to the continuation of a rather dull and unfulfilled life. If you fail to partake in this process you will by default remain another cog in the wheel that is ultimately a modern day form of slavery.

Often times, people get lost in the motions of life and are merely surviving rather than living. I was once in this mode, and it is a terrible place to be. Once I stepped outside of my comfort zone and explored my passions, life was never the same. Although I have just begun to experience a lifestyle that is not only rewarding but sustainable, I feel as if I have much I can share with others.

Everyday life is strenuous and takes an emotional and physical toll on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Often times, we wander throughout life questioning the nature of our existence. When we have not found our place in the world, we wonder whether our lives have meaning and we oftentimes feel worthless. In conclusion, I implore you to take some time to unplug and dig deep within to find yourself. The more people who partake in the process, the better our world will become for everyone.
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