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Bush's European Road Trip


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Jan 28, 2005
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I have to ask all Bush Supporters in here, what do you think of this trip? Quite alot of you are anti-European, but your President is laughing and having dinner with them. I suppose you could say "it's all politics, dumb Garza", but what do you think the purpose of the trip is? To kiss and make up? To tell Europe what it has to do? The questions aren't loaded, I'm interested what you guys have to say - know thy enemy lol ;)

I must admit in this trip, I can sort of see what you guys see in Bush - he is a simple guy from a simple part of the world and he can be witty in a way :eek: . Europeans though are complex and we like complex things. For me it was just strange seeing Bush, Chirac and Shroeder all together - never thought I would see that again.

Do you think Bush had freedom fries for his dinner with Chirac? lol lol
I am not of the incling that a friend of the enemy IS the enemy. France has shown thier true colors (ducks from Urethra). Russia had better watch her step. Germans, well they have good bier so they almost have an excuse. :)

As far as the trip? It is the same showboat that all Presidents have to go through. Behind doors they could be at each others throat - in public they smile and act like they enjoy it. Lights, camera, action - shake hands.

The purpose is of course to show Europe that Iran is in thier court and we are stepping aside, but available if you need us.
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When Bush and Chirac shook hands, Chirac pulled his hand away almost immediately.
I thought that was a telling gesture.
However, I applaud any president that goes forth to meet with heads of foreign governments.
It can't hurt.
After all, travel does broaden the mind.
Maybe Bush will learn something?
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