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Breaking down the South Carolina Candidate Filing Deadline

Republican incumbent Tim Scott (R) is unopposed in the Republican primary. Meanwhile, there is a three-candidate Democratic primary. Notable Democrats include former South Carolina House candidate Angela Geter (D) and South Carolina State Representative Krystle Matthews (D). The winner of the Democratic primary and Sen. Tim Scott (R) will take on unknown Larry Adams Jr. (I).

1st District:
Incumbent Republican Nancy Mace (R) takes on two challengers. Meanwhile, unknown Democrat Annie Andrews (D) takes on UCLA-Santa Barbara grad Rebecca Niess Cingolani (D) in the Democratic primary. The other notable Republican is former South Carolina State Representative Katie Arrington (R). The winners of these two primaries will take on unknown Joseph Oddo (A*), scalehouse operator Lucus Devan Faulk (LP†), and unknown Alejandro Otman (I) in the general election.

2nd District:
The 2nd district is already in the general election season. Republican incumbent Joe "You Lie" Wilson (R) takes on Democratic small business owner and entrepreneur Judd Larkins (D).

3rd District:
The election in the third district is already decided. Incumbent Republican Jeff Duncan (R) wins unopposed.

4th District:
Unknown Democrat Ken Hill is uncontested in the primary. Meanwhile, Republican incumbent William Timmons (R) takes on three challengers. Notable Republicans include commercial airline pilot George Abuzeid (R) and entrepreneur, author, corporate executive, and professional athlete Michael LaPierre (R). Ken Hill (D) and the winner of the Republican primary take on 2016 House candidate Michael Chandler (C^).

5th District:
Republican incumbent Ralph Norman (R) runs unopposed in the Republican primary. Meanwhile, unknowns Kevin Eckert (D) and Evangeline Hundley (D) face off in the Democratic Primary. Ralph Norman (R) and the winner of the Democratic primary will face off against former House candidate Larry Gaither (G).

6th District:
Democratic incumbent and kingmaker James Clyburn (D) takes on two other Democrats. Meanwhile, attorney, teacher, real estate broker, and certified mediator Duke Buckner (R) takes on unknown A. Sonia Morris (R) i the Republican primary. The notable Democrat is teacher Gregg Marcel Dixon (D).

7th District:
Unknown Democrat Daryl Scott (D) runs unopposed in the Democratic primary. Meanwhile, Republican incumbent Tom Rice (R) takes on six other candidates in the Republican primary. notable Republicans include Christian speaker, small business owner, and insurance agent Barbara Arthur (R), medical school graduate Garrett Barton (R), South Carolina State Representative Russell Fry (R), American College of Clinical Pharmacy (AACP) and American Society for Pharmacy Law (ASPL affiliate Spencer Morris (R), and Horry County Schools Board of Education At-large member Ken Richardson (R).

Republican incumbent Henry McMaster (R) goes up against two unknown challengers in the Republican primary. Meanwhile, there are five candidates in the Democratic primary. Notable Democrats include former Representative Joe Cunningham (D), South Carolina State Senator Mia McLeod (D), and veteran William H. "Cowboy" Williams (D). The winners of the two primaries will face unknown Jokie Beckett Jr. (IP#) unknown Micheal Copland (IP#), former Democrat Gary Votour (LP†), and former South Carolina State Senate candidate Morgan Bruce Reeves (L).

* = Alliance Party
† = Labor Party
^ = Constitution Party
# = Independence Party
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