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Breaking Down the New Mexico Candidate Filing Deadline (1 Viewer)

District 1:
Democratic incumbent Melanie Ann Stansbury (D) runs unopposed in the Democratic primary. Meanwhile, former 2018 Lieutenant-Governor candidate Michelle Garcia Holmes (R) takes on unknown Republican Louie Sanchez (R) in the Republican primary. The winners of these two primaries will take on business owner Cameron Chick (I).

District 2:
Republican incumbent Yvette Herrell (R) runs unopposed in the Republican primary. Meanwhile, unknown Democrat Darshan Patel (D) takes on unknown Democrat Gabriel Vazquez (D) in the Democratic primary.

District 3:
The district is already in the general election phase with Democratic incumbent Teresa Leger Fernandez (D) taking on environmental engineer, nuclear provider, oil and gas consultant, and cattle rancher Alexis Martinez Johnson (R).

There are three primaries for Governor in New Mexico. First, Democratic incumbent Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) runs unopposed in the Democratic primary. Then, there is five-candidate Republican primary. The notable Republican is New Mexico State Representative Rebecca L. Dow (R). The rest are unknowns. Finally, Karen Bedonie (L) takes on write-in Ginger Grider (L) in the Libertarian primary.

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