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Breaking Down the Michigan Candidate Filing Deadline


District 1:
This district is already in the general election season as unopposed Republican incumbent Jack Bergman (R) takes on medical director of the Marquette County Health Department Robert Lorinser (D), who is unopposed in the Democratic primary.

District 2:
Republican incumbent John Molenaar (R) takes on part-time janitor and full-time parking lot attendant Jericho Gonzales (R) and unknown Tom Norton (R) in the Republican primary. Meanwhile, adjunct professior of economics at Lansing Community College Jerry Hillard (D) takes on unknown Ray Johnson (D) in the Democratic primary.

District 3:
Republican incumbent Peter Meijer (R) takes on graduate degree holder from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government John Gibbs (R), unknown Audra Lemons-Johnson (R), and unknown Gabriella Manolache (R). Meanwhile, unknown Democrat Hillary Scholten (D) runs unopposed in her primary.

District 4:
This district is already in the general election season. Republican incumbent Bill Huizenga (R) is unopposed in the Republican primary, while Marine Corps veteran Joseph Alfonso (D) is unopposed in the Democrat primary.

District 5:
Republican incumbent Tim Walberg (R) takes on four Republicans in the Republican primary. Meanwhile, former 2014 candidate for the Illinois State House Bart Goldberg is unopposed in the Democratic primary. The notable Republican is county commissioner and NRA affiliate Ezra Scott (R), while the other Republicans are unknowns. Goldberg (D) and the winner of the Republican primary will take on unknown Ethan Hobson (UTP*) in the general election.

District 6:
Democratic incumbent Debbie Dingell (D) runs unopposed in her party's primary. Meanwhile, unknown Hima Kolanagireddy (R) takes on unknown Whittney Williams (R) in the Republican primary.

District 7:
Democratic incumbent Elissa Slotkin (D) runs unopposed in her party's primary. Meanwhile, Michigan State Senator Tom Barrett (R) takes on unknown Jacob Hagg (R) in the Republican Primary.

District 8:
Democratic incumbent Dan Kildee (D) runs unopposed in his party's primary. Meanwhile, there are four Republican candidates fighting for their party's nod. Notable Republicans include master's degree holder from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business Paul Junge (R) and executive administrator to Congressman Bob Inglis (R) Cherie Lott (R).

District 9:
Republican incumbent Lisa McClain (R) takes on unknown Michelle Donovan (R) and Chicago native Joel Needham (R). Meanwhile, lawyer and small business owner Brian Steve Jaye (D) runs unopposed in the Democratic party.

District 10:
This is an open seat. Five Democrats will compete for the nomination. Meanwhile, former 2018 Senate candidate John James (R) goes up against software engineer Tony Marcinkewciz (R) in the Republican primary. Notable Democrats include former judge of Michigan's 16th Circuit Court Carl Marlinga (D), and former member of the Michigan House of Representatives Henry Yanez (D).

District 11:
This district is an exercise in Democratic cannibalism as Democratic incumbent Andy Levin (D) goes up against Democratic incumbent Haley Stevens (D) and unknown Sumukh Kallur (D). Meanwhile, unknown Mark Ambrose (R) takes on bachelor's degree holder from Calvin University Matthew DenOtter (R) and renaissance man Gabi Grossbard (R) in the Republican party.

District 12:
Democratic incumbent Rashida Talib (D) takes on three challengers. Meanwhile, there is a four-candidate Republican primary. Notable Democrats include former Michigan State Representative Shanelle Jackson (D) and Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey (D). The notable Republican is 2020 Republican National Convention delegate Linda Sawyer (R). The rest are unknown.

District 13:
This empty seat is wide open with a 12-candidate Democratic primary and a four-candidate Republican primary. Notable Democrats include the son of disgraced Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D), John Conyers III (D), at-large member of the Detroit Public Schools Board of Education Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (D), Michigan State Senator Adam Hollier (D), and Michigan State Representative Shri Thanedar (D). The notable Republican is 2022 candidate for Governor of Michigan Articia Bomer (R -- she is running as both). The rest are unknowns.

Democrat incumbent and the almost-kidnapped Gretchen Whitmer (D) takes on Republican candidate for Representative of District 13 Articia Bomer (D -- not a typo). Meanwhile, there is a 12-candidate Republican primary. Notable Republicans include former Berrien County commissioner Michael Brown (R), former police chaplain Ralph Rebandt (R), and former withdrawn 2018 candidate for governor Evan Space (R).

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Poli, please correct me if I'm wrong, but is this where they are expecting possible violence? I thought I heard that the police were going to block a lot of roads to try to keep violent protestors away. Am I wrong about that? (I hope I'm wrong.)
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