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Breaking Down the Illinois Candidate Filing Deadline

Democratic incumbent Tammy Duckworth (D) runs unopposed in the primary. Meanwhile, there are eight Republican candidates in their party's primary. Notable Republicans include We the Internet TV doppelgänger Matthew Dubiel (pretty sure he's not the same guy, but his Ballotpedia mugshot makes me wonder...) (R), former IRS employee and police officer Peggy Hubbard (R).

District 1
District 1 is wide-open on the Democratic side with a 20-candidate primary. Meanwhile, there is a 5-candidate Republican primary. Notable Democrats include Illinois State Senator Jacqueline Collins (D), Chicago City Council member Pat Dowell (D), professor Cassandra Goodrum (D), professor Terre Layng Rosner (D), USPS mail handler Marcus Lewis (D), education professional Dee Nix (D), actor and producer Robert Palmer (D), workforce and business solutions manager Michael Thompson (D), and Get Covered Illinois campaign volunteer Chariise Williams (D). Notable Republicans include veteran and nonprofit program director Eric Carlson (R), former Republican committeewoman Philanese White (R), and percussionist Geno Young (R).
(This seems to be the strongest Democrat field in terms of relevant occupations, etc., that I've profiled thus far)

District 2:
For the Democrats, Incumbent Robin Kelly (D) squares off against Toni Brown (D). There is a three-candidate Republican primary. Notable Republicans include form Illinois State Senator Shane Cultra (R), and e-commerce specialist and Back the Blue supporter Ashley Ramos (R).

District 3
For the Democrats, there is a four-candidate primary. For the Republicans, RJH Memorial Inc. affiliate Justin Burau (R) is unopposed. Notable Democrats include history teacher Iymen Chehade (D), Illinois State Representative Delia Ramirez (D), and Chicago City Council, Ward 36 member Gilbert Villegas (D).

District 4:
District 4 is already in the general election phase. Unopposed Democratic Incumbent Jesus Garcia (D) takes on unopposed unknown Republican James Falakos (R).

District 5:
In the Democratic primary Mike Quigley (D) takes on unknown contender Rami Blan (D). There is a three-candidate primary for the Republicans. All three Republicans are unknown, but special shoutout to Malgorzata McGonigal (R) for the Harry Potter-esque name.

District 6:
District 6 is an exercise in Democratic cannibalism as two incumbents, Sean Casten (D) and Marie Newman (D) take on each other and unknown Charles Hughes (D) as a result of redistricting. There is a six-candidate Republican primary. Notable Republicans include former 2022 Senate candidate Rob Cruz (he withdrew) (R) and former mayor of Burr Ridge and DuPage County Board member Gary Grasso (R). The other four are unknowns.

District 7:
District 7 is a general election primary where only one party is running. Democratic Incumbent Danny K. Davis (D) takes on founder of the Chicago Neighborhood Alliance Kina Collins (D), unknown Denarvis Mendenhall (D), and repetitively-named but otherwise unknown Edward Ward (D).

District 8:
Democratic incumbent Raja Krishnamoorthi (D) takes on Junaid Ahmed (D) in the Democratic primary. Meanwhile, there is a five-candidate Republican primary. All Republicans are unknowns. The winners of these two primaries take on the CEO of the Center for Strategic Solutions Mohammed Faheem (I).

District 9:
Democratic incumbent Jan Schakowsky (D) takes on Andrew Heldut (D) in the Democratic primary. Meanwhile, Republican John Elleson (R) takes on Max Rice (R). Both are unknowns.

District 10:
The General Election is already in full swing. Democratic incumbent Brad Schneider (D), running unopposed in the Democratic primary, takes on unknown Republican Joseph Severino (R), unopposed in the Republican primary.

District 11:
Democratic incumbent Bill Foster (D) is running unopposed. Meanwhile, there is a seven-candidate Republican primary. Notable Republicans include attorney Mark Carroll (R), ice president of business development Susan Hathaway-Altman (R), Trump-era advisor to the U.S. Department of Commerce Catalina Lauf (R), and custodian Juan Ramos (R).

District 12:
Republican incumbent Mike Bost (R) runs unopposed. Meanwhile, two unknowns, Homer Markel (D) and Joshua Qualls (D), take on each other for the Democratic primary.

District 13:
There is a four-candidate showdown for the Republican primary. There is a three-candidate showdown for the Democratic primary. All four Republicans and the three Democrats are unknowns.

District 14:
Democratic Incumbent Lauren Underwood (D) runs unopposed in her primary. Meanwhile, there is a six-candidate Republican primary, which include online entrepreneur Jack Lombardi II (R). The other Republicans are unknowns.

District 15:
Republicans have a cannibalization election as incumbents Rodney Davis (R) and Mary Miller (R) square off. Meanwhile, Democrat Paul Lange (D) is unopposed.

District 16:
District 16 is a Republican general election primary in Adam Kinzinger's (R) district. Kinzinger is not on the ballot, but 4 Republicans are, including incumbent Darin LaHood (R). Other notable Republicans include atoner JoAnne Guillemette (R) and actor Michael Rebresh (R).

District 17:
The final district in Illinois, the 17th, has a seven-candidate Democratic primary, while Republican Charlie Helmick (R) takes on Esther Joy King (R) in the Republican primary, with both being unknowns. Notable Democrats include former Illinois State Representative Litesa E. Wallace (D) and admissions advisor Marsha Williams (D). The other Democrats are unknowns.

Democratic Incumbent J.B. Pritzker (D) takes on unknown Democratic Beverly Miles (D) in the Democratic primary. Meanwhile, there is a ten-candidate Republican primary. Notable candidates include Illinois State Senator Darren Bailey (R), vertex Cheryl Erickson (R), veteran Christopher Roper (R), former Marine Paul Schimpf (R), and attorney Max Solomon (R). Two of the Republicans are so unknown that they don't even have a Ballotpedia page.
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