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Breaking Down the Idaho Candidate Filing Deadline


For the Democrats, two unknowns, David Roth (D) and Ben Pursley (D) are running for the nomination. For the Republicans, there are five candidates, including incumbent Mike Crapo (R). The only other notable Republicans is software developer Natalie Fleming (R). The other three candidates are unknowns. The winners of the primaries will take on financial group founder Scott Cleveland (I), accountant and business owner Ray Writz (C*), and Idaho Law (L)


District 1:
The general election is already set with Democrat and relative unknown Kaylee Peterson (D) taking on incumbent Russ Fulcher (R).

District 2:
Democratic unknown Wendy Normal will be unopposed. Meanwhile, there is a five-candidate Republican primary featuring incumbent Michael K. Simpson (R). Notable Republicans besides the incumbent include entrepreneur Flint Christensen (R), and former 2014 candidate for the 2nd District Bryan Smith (who lost to...Simpson) (R)

Unknown Democrat Stephen Heidt (so unknown that he doesn't have a page on Ballotpedia) wins the primary unopposed. The Republicans have an eight-candidate primary, which features Republican incumbent Brad Little (R). Notable Republicans include oil roughneck and hardbander Ed Humphreys (R), former 2018 Gubernatorial candidate Lisa Marie (R), and Trump Delegate Janice McGeachin (R). The winners of these two primaries will take on unknown Ammon Bundy (I) in the general election.

* = Constitution Party


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Republican incumbent Mike Crapo (R) won the primary with 67.1% of the vote or 177,906 votes. Meanwhile, executive director of the Bonneville Youth Development Council David Roth (D -- how did I miss this?) defeated Ben Pursley (D) in the Democratic primary with 57.8% of the vote or 19,160 votes. Mike Crapo (R) and David Roth (D) will face accountant Ray Writz (C), Washiington, D.C. native Idaho Law (L), and financial group founder Scott Cleveland (I).

District 1:
Republican incumbent Russ Fulcher won his primary unopposed. Meanwhile, chief of staff at the Associated Students of College of Western Idaho Kaylee Peterson (D -- how did I miss that?) also wins her primary unopposed. Russ Fulcher (R) and Kaylee Peterson (D) will face data engineer Joe Evans (L) in the general election.

District 2:
Republican incumbent Michael K. Simpson (R) won his primary with 57.4% of the vote or 44,709 votes. Meanwhile, teacher Wendy Norman (D -- how did I miss that?) advances from the Democratic primary unopposed.

Republican incumbent Brad Little (R) won his party's primary with 60.9% of the vote or 56,137 votes. Meanwhile, Army veteran Stephen Heidt (D -- how did I miss that?) won the Democratic primary with 66.0% of the vote or 25,052 votes. He beat write-in and oner and operator othe Common Knowledge Bookstore and Cafe Shelby Rognstad (D -- how did I miss that?) and radio host and journalist David Reilly (D -- how did I miss that?).
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