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Boxer v. Rice


Dec 21, 2004
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What did y'all think of the spat between Sen. Barbara Boxer and Condeleza Rice? Personally, I think the comments were out of line. It was a hearing to see if Rice deserved the job. Not some big protest. She didn't ask a question. She just lectured Condi for ten minutes like she was a five year old. She should have more respect for Condi.
I agree. I watched alot of it.
Have been looking for the transcript, but have had no luck.
No offense to any of you...

But when someone alters the course of history, screws up the information, and causes thousands to die in a worthless war such as this...

They have lost my respect completely.

I think Barbara Boxer is speaking to Dr. Rice bluntly & clear.

I don't think anyone who has screwed up our society in the way that she has, and has lied repeatedly to cover for a clueless president in the way that she has deserves any respect at all.

She deserves every word that Senator Boxer is speaking to her; the pure truth.
No offense taken.. this is discussion at it's finest.

I completely disagree with your position on Rice.

Would you provide facts as to when Rice lied, how she screwed up info, and why she is the sole responsibility for thousands of deaths?
"I don't think anyone who has screwed up our society in the way that she has"

Those are pretty serious words. You have a lot of hostility towards Rice. Wow.
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