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border control


Jan 29, 2005
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i am starting this thread because we all know something has to be done about illegal immigration, so tell me what you would do.

if it where my dicesion i would handle it one of two ways.

first i say we dig the little river out to about 10 feet deep fill it with some sharks, maybe some razer wire. than we put land mines and razer wire for about 50 yards on each side we have sniper towers lined up about every 600 yards lining that on the American side, and in each tower we have one highly trained sniper. the nearest hospital from this will be 30 miles, and if you can make it through all that you can stay.

or we could just go to the Mexican government say your all fired this is now the newest American state, if y'all don't like it you can talk to my m16 a2.than we take their abundance of natural resources and use them to the benefit of the people and turn it into a country, well state, where its people don't have to run across the border to another country.
When i came to Chicago in the late 80`s I managed to get a contracrt job as an interrogator/interpreter for the INS. Although the bulk of my job was working the Cuban Mariel parole hearings I delt with other areas and most of the members of the Mariel parole board were Border Patrol agents.

I know your suggestions above are humorous comments made out of the frustaration folks feel about the Southern border situatation. HOwever humorus the solutions you propose are not possible unless we change the laws reguarding the situation and that is not going to happen.

Like terrorism, illegal immigration is nothing new but it is only recently that it has come to the attention of most Americans. We cannot do as you suggest because:

Both state and federal law prohibit the construction of barriers, be they walls, fields of fire or mine fields, that may cause death or injury to innocent people.

We cannot put federal troops, active or reserve, on the borders because that is against federal law.

If the governors of separate states wish to commet NG troops that is possible but so far the governors of TX,AZ,NM and CA have not done that and there are several reasons. One. they want those troops that are under their jusidiction for natual disaster plans and/or the Iraq war has sapped a lot of their local NG strength. You can see some of the reasoning in the results of Katgrina. Troops had to be commtted there and have been pulled off other duties etc. It is also expensive to deploy the Guard and it must come mainly from state budgets. Also activating local NG trroops will make a lot of citizens angry and cause a loss of jobs to the activated personel. Those are votes that will go to the opposition and the local state govcernments are more loth to lose power than to solve the problem.

Advoatinf violence on the border is a poor choice. The Mexicans have not gotten away with those tactics on their border with Guatemala. They have indiscremenately kill illegals crossing that border and now suffer the embarassment of being condemned by world opinion as well as having some (few) sanctions imposed on them. We cannot have that happen to us.

The logical solution is to really satrengthen the already para-military USBP but where are we going to get the money for more personel and better equipment. You tell me. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and now the natural disaster in the Gulf states makes that no more than a dream.

Wde are not the only nation suffering from this problem. Western Europe is chock full of illegal aliens as well. Wwe need to get together with those nations and have a stategy seesion. However this administration wants a "go it alone" policy and we have no strategy for this situation as things are now. Looks like there will be very little done in the near future.

The most unhappy campers I met at INS were the Hispanic agents. A paradox? No so.

Maybe this is a kind of payback. In the 1840's American illegals flooded Texas. The Mexican government limited immigrants from the US to 1000 per year(not sure of the numbers here)b ut they were flooded with 10000. Cinsider the population figures of the era, it's similar to today. What happened. These "ungrateful" immigrants rose up and trook over Texas. Sound a little like MECHA and Atzlan of today? You bettcha.

As long as manufactures and big time agro-industrals want cheap labor we are stuck in this situation.
Not until some Terrorist who came across the Mexican border attacks something.Is anything going to change,
The Republicans love cheap labor and the depressed wages it creates.The democrats see all these new democrat voters. Neither one is going to do anything.
JOHNYJ said:
Not until some Terrorist who came across the Mexican border attacks something.Is anything going to change,
The Republicans love cheap labor and the depressed wages it creates.The democrats see all these new democrat voters. Neither one is going to do anything.

Believe me that is going to happen sooner or later.
Under our current ecconomic policies (NAFTA) we have two choices in border "control."

1. We can stop importing so many people accross the Mexican border
2. We can send Mexico *LOTS* of money to improve the quality of life and stimulate the economy.

Since neither of those things is going to happen, I have a different idea taken from one tennant of the EU that's working out very well for them.

Economists talk about economic pressure and one of the things that causes pressure is huge inequalities close together geographically speaking... like the standard of living in Mexico vs. the standard of living here. The European Union has free trade between all EU countries but it comes with a requirement of a certain amount of ecconomic growth every year and a certain amount of improvement of the average quality of life. What if we added a component in NAFTA to require Mexico to protect workers rights and stop looting the federal treasury or risk loosing the inflow of money from US businesses and investors who want to build things there? Eventually, if it works properly, it could bring the Mexican standard of living up to a level where fewer of them would *want* to come here.
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