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Between Darkness and Light

I was never sure how long it'd take to change my mind, or if it would ever actually happen. To be honest, it never trult harmed me, my loved ones, or anyone else that comes to mind. Time changes things, and the beliefs of people are no exception. Perhaps it was the repeated assault of facts that eventually found their target, or the lack thereof from others. My armor, per se, while almost impervious to discord, isn't so regarding facts and logic—that's a good thing. Before we move closer to the heart of the issue, we need to visit the past.

My parents never liked it. I never liked it, and I still don't. Then again, that was never a good enough reason to prevent it. Perhaps the screams of "slippery slope" held water, or perhaps those slippery slopes would in fact lead to new and disturbing things. Even then, that wasn't a good enough reason to stop it. It can't be stopped. It's far too popular. It's "in." It's only a matter of time. An aspect f this thing has existed with us for thousands of years; that aspect, now become the thing I speak of, will eventually be available to all. Do I agree with it? No, I don't. It disgusts me me but, then again, disgust is no real reason to stop it. Our souls, what's left of us, know it is wrong, thus we do not partake in it ourselves. That cannot be a good enough reason to bind the actions of everyone else in the land of the free.

Speaking of free—freedom—I am sure I wouldn't like it if some corrupt entity tried to keep me from doing anything that I wanted that didn't harm others in the slightest. Say I were a woman. I wouldn't like it much if my hands were essentially bound and I had to wear a burka, and that it was illegal of me to wear any clothes I wanted—even though absolutely no one was being harmed—I'd be absolutely livid.

So, even though I don't like this thing, in my own way, I try to get inside their heads and understand what people feel. Through trying, I've felt feelings of anger, indignation, shame, and utter rage. It... can be felt, if you cared enough to insert your mind as close to that experience as comfortably possible. The rage. How dare you ******* tell me how to live. Who the **** do you think you are to not even know me yet, like a ******* adult scolding a child, force me to conform to your standards? I am NOT you, so where do you get off trying to ******* control me? No, you're losing power. I am the captain of my soul, the master of my fate. Should I awake in hell, only I am responsible for my actions.

Perhaps after 4 paragraphs you should know what this thing is. Some of you have probably figured it out, and can predict where this is heading. It's been an issue I've grappled with for quite some time. My convictions pull me one way, yet the part of me that is American—the part that loves sweet freedom and responsibility—pulls me the other. Despit me various methods and tactics, introspection and pondering, just a lot of thought and desperate grappling with both parts.....the latter part has won. Then again, "won" is pretty ambiguous. It's more that I will [hopefully] always have my convictions, but when it comes to every single soul in America it just can't be about me. They are not me. I am not their keeper, binding them with my morality. So, with that said, we'll find this thing while walking out of the obscurity of the dark.....into the blinding light.

I no longer oppose gay marriage.

Gay marriage does not destroy the nuclear family—homosexuals being lower-quality parents is a myth.

Government has no business in preventing certain people from marrying.

Not one person is harmed from gay marriage.

In no way does it affect you.

America is no theocracy.

You wouldn't like it if traditional Muslims, under Sharia Law, forced you to live under their moral standards.

It truly is bigoted—and possibly hateful—to prevent people from living as they wish to live. This is especially true when no one is harmed.

Not everyone is Christian.

Marriage, iirc, is not strictly for Christians.

Gay marriage is inevitable—you will not stop it.

Assuming the Bible—KJV—is true, people will be responsible for their own actions or lack thereof in the end.

Christians do not have sole dominance on the definition and meaning of marriage. Just as the constitution is affected, time changes things—that is not necessarily good or bad.

It's their life and they'll do what they want. Why can't they be happy?

That second part out of the way, let's end this.

When I think about gay marriage, I see that it doesn't destroy the nuclear family. IF you have valuable evidence that points in the other direction, that'd be great. Do you agree with me that because someone is homosexual, that does not automatically make them a bad parent? Then again, perhaps we overlook the influences one loving mother and one loving father provide. IF there were any interesting studies about the nuclear family regarding this issue, now is the time to do so. It's my personal opinion that children should have one loving mother and one loving father; deal with it.

Government has absolutely no business in our bedrooms. One religion should not have a death-grip on a huge aspect of all of America—marriage. If they want to get married, let them. Should I scar my soul and anger my God for my change in my belief, that will remain my responsibility. It needs to be repeated—gay marriage harms absolutely no one. Again, evidence to the contrary would be appreciated.

Does gay marriage really affect you negatively? Tbh, it doesn't affect me. Though, regarding my religion, I wonder what kind of twisted and reprobate world my little ones will live through. Perhaps there is more to this than I thought. Maybe there are valid negative aspects of gay marriage we've closed off from our minds. Who really knows? Evidence always helps.

America is no theocracy. We cannot allow a group of religious people to control everyone. It is neither fair nor right. No, it is wrong and bigoted. It must be stopped. IF we have made a mistake in legalizing gay marriage, I pray we see it before it is too late. When it comes to all in America, it can't just be about me and restricting people according to my beliefs. You would probably hate living under the unfairness of Sharia Law, or any other moral declaration infused within the law that binds you—places you in a cage, while you're also shamed.

As for bigotry, it's not bigoted in the slightest to have an opinion not in favor of homosexuality or gay marriage. To me those people who say it is are ******* crazy, imho, as well as wrong. However, I think it's reasonable to say it's bigoted and potentially hateful to restrict the harmless actions of others to appease your own moral sensibilities. Not every person is Christian, so why should everyone live under those Christian morals? Again, you wouldn't appreciate it, either.

Atheists marry. Idiots marry. Pagans marry. Christians marry. Everyone marries. Why not homosexuals? Moving along, it's inevitable. You literally will not stop it. As said earlier, it the traditional Bible is correct, and we're all just ******* oblivious, well, we're screwed. As for definition and meaning, I don't think Christians have the only claim—contrary evidence would be awesome. Lastly, as much as I think it's sinful, why can't they be happy and do what they wish while in this worldly world?

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