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Best game ever (1 Viewer)


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May 19, 2004
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Awe...I'm a sad unicorn. LOL
OMG! You need to seek help - psychiatric help!
Is the link SFW?
I thought Vague was gonna tell us he finally learned how to play "Hide the Salami"... which is the greatest game ever.
Top scores?

So far, I've got 30,816.
Nah, best game ever is that maze game where you have to navigate your mouse pointer in that really small space, at which point the screen shows a close-up of a zombie face and shrieks ridiculously loud.

My aunt pissed her pants when I pulled that on her. I don't mean a couple drops before making it to the can. I mean full-blown, go-change-your-jeans pissing your pants.
Oh, you guys are talking about the unicorn attack game on AS. I might test it out to see if it's as good as the AS game where you have five minutes to kill yourself before you get married.
No! Someone sees you playing this thing not only would you get fired but your co-workers are likely to taunt and kick you. ;) The music alone will get your ass kicked. :doh

Actually, I tend to like erasure.

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Best I can do is 47,000

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