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Balancing the Budget

Here is an interesting idea I have been thinking about. Giving more powers back to the States with federal minimum standards and oversight. I would like to discuss the Budget and some other programs on this one. Give complete financial responsibility with no federal help to the following programs, Education(to include libraries), roads(to include interstates),welfare(to include WIC, food stamps and corporate subsidies), healthcare(to include medicare) Social Security. Allow states to determine funding for these programs. they can manage the programs more efficiently the the federal government IMO as smaller is generally better. This will take some logistics and wont happen overnight, but given a 2-3 year timeline I believe these can become a reality. Really the only thing the federal government should have control over is national security issues, and oversight. Even things like the FDA and EPA can be broken down to the state level. Again Federal minimum standards and oversight. Stets can make rules more strict, but not less strict then federal levels.
I believe this will make it really simple to balance the budget and allow for a massive tax cut at the federal level. Of course it will result in increases at the state level, but should result in lower overall taxes as states become more efficient at managing these programs then the feds.
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