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Jan 14, 2005
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Hi Fellow Debate members just to let you know.
I went to Liberty :confused: news web site and I log on as Freedom69
I was abel to put in 1 BLOG at least that's what I thought it was called!! HEY what do I know I'm 53 years old and not as KOOL as some of you kids!!!!!!!!
And of course just because I came down on BUSH the right wing waco's kicked me out i guess they should change their name from Liberity "NOT" news to COMMIE NEWS !!!!!

Because their's is"nt any freedom of speech there it's just A big right wing WACO consretive love fest

They Drink KOOL-AID buy the tub full they drink it after they bath in it

Yes it is me PRS if you have'nt guessed buy now !!

I returned my computer and know I'm using the Library

So again I say Debate :hm politics has earn the fair and balanced and the freedom of speech award KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
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What was that site, liberty news? I would like to check it out and give them a stern talking to. What good are these blogs if you can't debate with people you disagree with. In my experience conservatives don't try to shut up people but try to debate them instead. I'm a Bush supporter but I know he is not perfect and I never defend him at all costs. By the way what IS your problem with Bush anyway?
Well, Mr. alien, I know you asked PRS what HIS problem with Bush was, but I thought I'd just throw in my two cents. Bad things Bush has done---unneccesary war with Iraq, lying to the American public on numerous occasions (his most recent one: while on the campaign trail Bush said that the gay marriage issue will be left up to the states, but when he wins office he goes back to saying that he will pursue an amendment), lowering taxes for the rich which in turn has created less money to fund schools (as can be seen in my state of IN), the No Child Left Behind act (one can go to any teacher in the country and hear them tell why this act is so bad), his recent promise that he will fix SS for the better by giving us an opportunity to invest a portion of our retirement in private accounts (just go to economics section and to my link to see why this is bad), and I'm sure there's others (if any liberal wants to chip in please feel free). Good things Bush has done----handle 9/11, war in Afghanistan.

Well I think that's pretty clear.

---also---just some more bad things I thought of---where's Osama, Mr. Bush? & his declaration of a "war on terror" which is about as specific and meaningful as declaring war on the Atlantic Ocean.
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anomaly said:
the No Child Left Behind act (one can go to any teacher in the country and hear them tell why this act is so bad)

I asked my wife. She is a teacher - the teachers at her school think its the best act that has happened for the education system in a long time!

What specific issues (if you can actually name) do you have with it?
From what my teacher says (and yes, she vehemently opposes it) it sounds as if this act sets "standards" that every child must reach, these "standards" are pursued through test after test after test. The standards are the same for all students (excluding, I think and hope, mentally handicapped kids). This act is punishing some kids who may have a lower IQ for having that low IQ. This act is saying that all students are the same. Now if she is wrong, then tell me what it really says.
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