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Arizona State Defense Force Foundation and SB1083

SB1083, a bill to establish, fund, arm, and organize the Arizona State Guard to deploy on our southern border, will definitely pass.

This bill is legal, it is Constitutional, and it is backed by significant historical precedent. SB1083 follows the federal law contained in US Code Title 32 that authorizes states to establish what are referred to generally as "State Defense Forces":


There are 22 other states, plus the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, who have already established their State Defense Forces. Among these are California, Texas, and New Mexico. Arizona is the only southern border state that has not yet established their State Defense Force.

The Arizona Senate Staff has prepared an excellent Summary and Fact Sheet about SB1083:


Our group has done extensive research into the State Defense Force concept and we have collected dozens of white papers, monographs, and articles. Not one of these opposes the establishment of SDFs. On the contrary, every one of these fully supports and endorses the concept. Anyone can review these articles by visiting the "References" page on our website at http://www.azsdf.org .

The bill received a "do pass" recommendation from the Senate Border Security Committee on Thursday 26 January 2012. Everyone should take a few minutes and listen to Senator Frank Antenori's 6-minute monologue about why the State Guard will actually work for Arizona:

2012 Arizona State Legislature

Senator Antenori's comments begin at about the 2:20:30 mark. Everyone who loves this nation should take a few minutes to hear this, and to hear Senator Sylvia Allen "schooling" the Commanding General of the Arizona National Guard.

Arizona State Defense Force Foundation - Put Up Your Guard !


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Jan 26, 2010
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I support the Bill. Many other States have their State Guards.
It is more than border protections. With the military tapping the National Guard more, it make sense to have local volunteers to help fill the gap when the Arizona National Guard is deployed elsewhere.
The State group can be used for natural disasters and other emergencies. Not just border work.


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Jan 27, 2012
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Correct, Mike. SB1083 does specify the border mission first, though.

I should also point out that, while it is true that the National Guard has been relegated to mere support roles along our border, that would be due to the fact that so much of the NG budget comes from federal dollars. With those dollars come strings, which equate to restrictions on what NG soldiers are allowed to do for their state's security and protection.

State Defense Forces that do not receive federal dollars do not suffer from such restrictions on their duties.

The Commanding General of the Arizona National Guard is forced to report any in-state deployment of his troops to his federal masters. He must also justify such in-state deployments by submitting long written reports that specify where the funds for said deployment are coming from. For example, if the National Guard soldiers were to conduct operations in support of the State Police or the Department of Public Safety, then the NG Commander would have to prove to the feds that federal funds were not being used for that mission.

This is, of course, a method of slowing down National Guard in-state deployments to a grinding crawl by throwing up adminstrative and regulatory roadblocks. As long as the National Guard Bureau has the power to say "no" to the Commander of the Arizona National Guard, then his hands are tied until they say "yes". In the case of state-only deployments to our southern border, the bureaucratic red tape would be decorating the NG headquarters like toilet paper on the local high school gymnasium at Homecoming time.

There are no such administrative or regulatory "red tape" roadblocks to the use of State Defense Force soldiers. When the Governor says go, they go. Period. End of sentence. Begin mission.

In addition to all of the above, Arizona State Guard soldiers, as purely State-apportioned military forces, are not bound in the least by Posse Comitatus. Only Federal forces are restricted under that doctrine, not state forces.

This means that State Guard soldiers can be, and in other states have been, given powers of detention and arrest. This is no different from the same powers that are granted to licensed Security Guards at your local shopping mall.

If anyone is detained by a private Security Guard because of suspicion of shoplifting, that is a legal detention. In the case of the Arizona State Guard, it should be duly within their power to detain anyone that is caught operating as part of a foreign paramilitary insurgency, as we are seeing daily along our southern border.

The Arizona Senate has received the advice of several criminal and civil attorneys, in both public and private practice. SB1083 is a well-thought-out, well-researched, and well-conceived bill that will pass legal, Constitutional, and historical muster.

Hooaah, Arizona. Scorpions for Breakfast is now the number 17 best seller on Amazon.com.

Arizona State Defense Force Foundation
Arizona State Defense Force Foundation - Put Up Your Guard !
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