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Arab hypocrisy and their violations of human rights

ladies and gentlemen , someone had been telling me a remarks did against Israel few days ago he is an Arab so i am going to reply to him here saying this : ” darabni w baka sabaqni w eshtaka ” which means” he hit me and he cried , he challenged me and complained” .
OK , we all remember when Hamas kidnapped the three teenagers from Israel years ago when they were back from school the Arab nations rather than make a stand against or with Israel they started criticizing Israel , it started by Iran And Saudi Arabia well the only thing they have in common both are creators of terrorism in middle east and radicalism .
the first created Hezbollah and the second created al qaida , the both there have the guts to stand in united nations and accuse Israel of violation of human rights !!!!!!!!! when the both of these countries need them so they need to take a look into the mirror .
the Qatari spread hateful messages around the world and supporting the radicals and extremists in Syria by their billions of petrol-dollars , Qatar treat their workers with violation of human rights and still lecturing Israel about human rights as Iran And Saudi Arabia did !! for god’s sake they treat their workers as slaves . now murderers Hamas terrorists also are supported by Qatari’s and Saudi’s Money . Saudi Arabia gives to the united nations lectures about human rights while the women have no rights , even women cannot drive cars there .
Ladies And Gentlemen i want say the truth here only the truth and that’s what important here so my question is : so Israel has no rights to defend their citizens from terrorism or what ? imagine if the European citizen or american or any other citizens were attacked by terrorist groups so then you will say that these governments which were under attack must defend their citizen and eradicate the terrorist groups right ? so Israel has no choice except to defend their citizens and make their country safer .
we all are responsible to denounce these terrorist groups and their supporters .


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Oct 20, 2014
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Blaming Arabs for the faults of Islam is not only racist it is moronic and indicative of geopolitical retardation.
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