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Aquaman: DC Comic's opportunity for redemption?


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Aug 19, 2014
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It started with Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman. DC Comics started slipping. Then came Justice League...the biggest fumbling in movie-making in modern times (not counting the Transformers franchise). Meanwhile, Marvel was whipping out box office hits.

But DC Comics has a last chance in the form of another hero: Aquaman...

This looks good. And i read online that the pre-release screenings yielded a high number of positive reviews. Also, IMDB.com has it at 8.8/10.
If the DC movies would just do what DC comics do, rather than try to beat Marvel at the angsty-and-gritty game, they'd be fine.

Funny thing is, the Marvel movies aren't like their comics. They're more like DC comics.
I don't see what separates this movie from the rest of their sucky movies. So far, the best DC has managed to accomplish is a movie that doesn't suck but which is otherwise forgettable (I am talking about Wonder Woman, of course).
Speaking of DC, it really bothers me that people like Henry Cavil exist. Every time I see him on screen I'm increasingly convinced I'm committing a crime against humanity by showing my face and my body in public.

It ain't right is all that I'm saying.
I liked Suicide Squad

As a whole it was disjointed but the individual parts were good
The biggest thing missing for me in the DC movies is the shallowness of characters. I can’t bring. Myself to love OR hate them. They are bland. Granted, it is hard to do that with Batman but in the past made up for that by including a compelling villain. Other than with Wonder Woman DC is failing with that right now. Maybe they will do it with Aquaman too. I can’t tell from the trailer.
Wonder Woman proves that DC has it in themselves to make something decent.

I want to be wrong but I wouldn’t count on it for Aquaman, looks so CGI, once again looks like some massive battle at the end with just crap all over the screen that looks awful and that we don’t care about.

So far Aquamans character hasn’t been in my view very compelling so far.

Justice League was so ****ing bad that watching Batman and Robin, on mute, in black and white three consecutive times would have been more entertaining.
I think JUSTICE LEAGUE, despite its failings, was better than at least ten MCU movies I could name. However, even a mediocre MCU movie has a "brand" that filmgoers automatically validate. Thus expectations were higher with the DC films.

LEAGUE put forth a fairly cohesive scheme for a "universe" than MCU has, but the writers didn't manage to give the DCEU the degree of human appeal seen in the MCU. If the producers had tried to make all of their superheroes have adventures that referenced the linked universe, that might've created a brand capable of competing with MCU.
I should add that I'm somewhat dubious that this version of Aquaman will grab mass audiences. He's a big swaggering alpha male, lacking the elements of personal tragedy seen in certain recent graphic novels. It's as if they were trying too hard to counteract the image of the nice-guy cartoon hero.
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