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Apple store hostage taker died at the hospital after being run into by police (1 Viewer)

Peter King

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Feb 19, 2012
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Yesterday a 27 year old man from Amsterdam, Abdel Rahmad A. went into the Apple store in the heart of the shopping district of Amsterdam and demanded 200 million in cryptomoney. He was a man known for a criminal history but as far as we know never needed to be jailed, but he was known for erratic/mentally unbalanced behavior and at times threatening behavior.

He was also known for contact with mental healthcare providers.

At about 5.30 PM he entered the Apple store armed with a semi automatic and a gun, he also had a explosives on him. He took a 44 year old Bulgarian customer hostage, 4 other people had taken refuge into a closet. In the higher floors another 65 people were hiding from the hostage taker. He fired several shots at the police that responded and put the gun to the head of his hostage.

It was the beginning of a 5 hour ordeal for the Bulgarian and the other people hiding. During the evening the police liberated the other people from the other floors.

The man as said demanded 200 million in crypto coins. Besides numerous officers there were also snipers and people from the Unit Special interventions.

At about 22.30 the hostage taker wanted some water and the police sent in a robot normally used by the explosive disposal unit. He and the hostage came to the door and when the bottle was put on the sidewalk next to the door of the store. The hostage taker, while keeping his hostage under fire ordered the hostage to pick up the water. But the Bulgarian hostage took his chance and ran like the wind with the hostage taker chasing the hostage to catch him and kidnap him again but just outside of the store an officer of the Unit Special Interventions sat in a car and when the saw the hostage taker guns in hand and explosives on him, the officer rammed him with the car to save the hostage.

Sadly the hostage taker died today so he will not get his just rewards (dozens of years in jail and mental hospitals).
Today a van of the victim support organization parked at the location where the kidnapping took place, people from the city, police officers and specialists from the victim support group were there talk to people who had issues with what had happened yesterday or people who had previous victim issues that were re-triggered by this whole thing.
Who said the death penalty is more costly than life in prison?
Not knowing the full situation the Police Officer did the right thing. I mean, you can't have somebody poised to endanger innocent people.
He had no way to know how the explosives were hooked up.
The hostage that broke away and ran for his life is one very brave person.
He saved his life!!
The hostage that broke away and ran for his life is one very brave person.
He saved his life!!
They were at the moment this happened discussing all options, even lethal ones. But the hostage broke free, the police officer did not think too much and just went for it. Not the normal way to stop an armed man with explosives but the best and fastest option the officer had to act fast.

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