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Any OTC creams for pruritus ani? (1 Viewer)


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May 3, 2007
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I am looking for som OTC ointments for pruritus ani (anal itching). Anyone have a recommendation?
That can arise for about two dozen different reasons, some of them benign, others not so benign.
If what's coming out of that location is such that it's causing your bunghole to feel like it's burning, you clearly need to adjust your diet and take steps to fix your gastric flora and fauna balance with some probiotics.

That will not immediately cure the problem but it WILL alleviate part of what might be causing it in the first place.
Also, you may have a yeast issue, and for that any good anti-fungal (including the ones that fall under the miconazole label - yes even for men, too) will help.

If not yeast, then switching to baby wipes after you use TP and putting a dab of any soothing anti-itch cream on the wipe will help a lot, and keep using the baby wipes as a last step after the TP anyway, because you will feel a lot better, unless you flush the wipes and your plumber socks you with a four hundred dollar invoice for unclogging your sewer.
Right, don't flush the wipes, get a can to toss them in.

But again, itchy butts have a cause, or causes, and addressing the internal cause is every bit as important as treating the itch.
After a certain age you're supposed to get checked for cancer anyway, not that I am saying itchy butt automatically means you have rectal cancer. I'm just saying that everything is connected.
Your butthole itches because something's making it unhappy.

More often than not it has a lot to do with your gastric flora and fauna.
Fix that and your butthole will probably stop itching.

If you ever get tired of messing about with creams, you may want to try this:

If you buy one and use it, you'll love it. (The "lady" option is well worth getting too.)

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