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Another stupid talk show host (1 Viewer)


Jan 14, 2005
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In Boston we have this real Neanderthal and stupid talk show host his name is Pat Whiteley he does the Pat Whitley restaurant show and he has been doing it for 20+ years ........You may ask why does freedom69 call him a stupid Neanderthal well several months ago Massachusetts passed A smoking ban in any restaurant so Pat "the Neanderthal" was trying to tell everybody this no smoking bill is going to kill the restaurant business in Massachusetts .

And of course I freedom69 told him he was wrong because just using my common sense I knew more people would want to go to a restaurant and NOT smell dirty smoke.

The new data is now in restaurant are doing a lot more business now with the smoking ban.

May be he should change the name of his show to Pat the "Neanderthal " restaurant show

Of course you know I'm going to love to rub it into his face this Sunday

Just the facts
A smoking ban in any restaurant so Pat "the Neanderthal" was trying to tell everybody this no smoking bill is going to kill the restaurant business in Massachusetts .

Was it voted on? Or did the mayor say she had breast cancer because of second hand smoking and pushed it throug illegally?

*see Dallas smoking ban*

It has had some pretty good effects to the burbs of Dallas - they are making a killing with the folks that choose not to go into Dallas to eat or go to bars.
We're just about to have it enacted in the two major metro counties. Hennepin County, which has Minneapolis, has a full-on indoor smoking ban on bars and restaurants. Ramsey County, which has St Paul, has a indoor ban on bars and restaurants but has a bit of a loophole. The law states that if the establishment makes the majority of its revenue from liquor, they can apply for an exemption from the law.

I think the laws are a bit too overprotective and should never have been enacted. I'm curious to know if there are any towns that haven enforced them and then repealed them (for whatever reason).
Hi Vauge let me give you a little geography lesson ( I know your in collage but I guess you did not learn this in Texas elementary school )

You see Masschusetts is a State and Boston is a city the smoking ban 1st started in citys like Brookline then Cambridge , Framingham , Boston , etc

Then the Whole STATE of Massachusetts.

So now when you go back to collage tomorow or next week or when ever you go back you can now tell them you now know that Massachusetts is a state a very small state but a state never the less.

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