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Another Campaign Promise Scrubbed

To understand what President Obama is going to do general you only need look at his promises and rely on him doing exactly the opposite.
Just curious where is ever present obama can do no wrong defenders think?
Just curious where is ever present obama can do no wrong defenders think?

Though I am not a part of the Obama can do no wrong crowd I am still quite aware that we are still much better off without mittens. Plus Obama does do one thing very reliably and quite well. He sure does tick off the right wing extremists. If you do not want what is your stereotypical politician to be elected you might want to find a way to get an actual decent person on the ballot. Let me just say there has yet to be that option even remotely suggested by either party for 2016. We thought the last election was a joke, but next time we will have primaries for both parties and they are already digging new levels of low through the sludge.
This is a very disappointing promise to make, he even tried to remove it from one of his websites to act like he never made the promise in the first place. But saying that he has kept a lot of his promises http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/promises/obameter/

But saying that as well he also broke a lot of huge promises.
Suddenly conservatives are pro-whistleblower.


God, the dishonesty of every conservative argument.
I can understand that promises are easier to make than keep. What troubles me is his unapologetic attitude about it. If you can't keep a promise, you owe the promised an explanation, not defiance.

One of the things I most admired about Bush 41 - who I did not vote for - was when he admitted that his tax promise could not be kept. That is being a Mensh(sp?) about it. Obama breaks promises and then acts like we should understand - but we don't. I voted for Obama in 2008 and while I could not bring myself to vote for Romney, I was already pretty disappointed with Obama and voted for neither in 2012.

I'm actually outraged at the pursuit of Snowden. Obama should have spoken up about this, not ruined somebodys life so the truth could come out. I think he owes Snowden an apology and a pardon. Then, if the rules are to be changed, say so, and the whistleblowers can run to cover.

And no, I don't think Obama is the devil incarnate. I'm pleased to see the progress in gay rights.
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