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Angry, Disillusioned Voters Hammer Obama With Tough Questions on the Campaign Trail


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Apr 25, 2009
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It couldn't have happened to a more deserving Lame brained Lying nimno.

And better yet the timing is right Omaba's not going to hang on to his cool arrogance much longer and will fly off the handle sooner or later and show his true nature, and I can't wait because I have a very big I told you so all ready to go when he does blow up.

People are slowly waking up to the truth and that truth is that Obama is incapable not only of doing anything right but of ever telling the truth.

The only now for America to succeed if for Obama to fail at his agenda.

Angry Voters Hammer Obama With Tough Questions on the Campaign Trail

DES MOINES – President Barack Obama defended his economic policies on Wednesday in the face of tough questions from skeptical Americans less than five weeks before congressional elections that threaten his fellow Democrats' grip on Congress.

Holding the latest in a series of backyard meetings with middle-class voters, Obama heard one small businessman's fears that his tax plans could "strangle" job creation. The president also fielded concerns about high unemployment and the impact of his healthcare overhaul.

It was a marked contrast to the enthusiastic university crowd that greeted Obama on Tuesday in Wisconsin when he sought to fire up his youthful base of support, and showed the obstacles his Democratic Party faces in the November 2 elections.
Re: Angry, Disillusioned Voters Hammer Obama With Tough Questions on the Campaign Tra

We'll just have to wait for that "I told you So" :)
Let me just express genuine hope that it never comes to that - I'd hate to see our country in a state where that "I told you so" is justified.
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